Julie running over Tower Bridge
Helen, Jane, Nicky , Gemma , Fran and Nic

Bodmin Road Runners took to the streets of London and the local trails and moors in force this weekend to run the London Marathon

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Lisa Hawke

Wow what a day in London. The run was exhausting but no one warns you that slapping kids hands, clapping all the band’s and street acts and saying thank you everyone that shouts your name in encouragement is even more knackering.Really appreciated meeting up and tagging along with a lady from Hayle Runners. We ran the last 7 miles together and crossed the finish line with the St Piran’s Flag.

Julie Oxenham

The most electric atmosphere running in London.. supporters through the whole 26.2 miles which kept us all going… would I do it again??… ye

Claire Barlow

What an amazing experience, loved all the support from the crowds, the bands, drums and djs all along the way and I crossed the line next to a man in a rhino suit (Claire)

Kerrie Parker

Craig Welch

Katrina Verran

Lesley Taphouse

Sabrina Hicks

Dave Bidgway

Sharon Hambley

Dan Cox  

For me Sunday was a fantastic day as I completed my first Marathon, running it Virtually on the Goss Moor!In some very testing conditions of heavy rain and strong headwinds, accompanied by Phil Dawber joining me for the last 8 miles.. I was also really happy to finish with the sub 4 time I’d aimed for of 3:48:12 (Dan)

Helen Stevenson

Jane Stedman

Nicky Brenton

Gemma Vare

Fran and Nic Vosper

Still nursing chafing and toe nails! Very pleased to limp to the end in testing conditions!

Great work everyone x

Karen and Dave Anderson, went to London Town to cheer on the Mencap Team and BRRs.

Karen Anderson in all her cheering glory

Thanks to the runners and their support crew for use of the photos.