Corunner Virus: the saga continues

Martin Pipet

Second week of lockdown and BRRS are still managing to train and find virtual races to run.

Phil Dawber kicked off the first live socially isolating Tuesday Training with a “Gentle” 30 minute strength and conditioning session. For anyone who couldn’t persuade the kids to turn off ‘Frozen’ or tear themselves away from RuPaul’s Drag Race, the video is saved on the group Facebook page.

Claire Barlow ran a Virtual Weymouth Half Marathon, as well as some more garden running, including a mile up and down the drive, a mile round the house and a mile round the trampoline. Seriously impressive, well done Claire

More Virtual Insanity from Helen Stephenson, Lesley Taphouse, Dee Smith, Katrina Verran, Martin Pipet and Nichola Sinclair. Great to see the club tee shirts getting an outing.

Race Report by Martin Pipet “Today was a good day. Virtual Insanity race completed.

Rocked up for race day feeling a little nervous having not raced in a while.

In my usual style I rushed off at the start a little fast and got an early lead which I luckily managed to maintain to the end to take 1st place to rapturous silent applause from the invisible crowd.

Some definite firsts for me today:
1st overall
1st male
1st in my age category
Longest distance ran this year 🙂🙂

Perfectly organised race, plenty of parking, large choice of refreshments at the 0.13 mile mark, wonderful silent encouragement from the invisible marshals and an easy to self navigate route, would highly recommend ”

An impressive set of podiums there Martin!

Ian Ringer has been running every day, and found some new footpaths for when we get back to club runs. Ian’s been missing the company and fun, we all know that feeling Ian.

The Temple Family ( Ian, Alison, Jo and Sian) did a ‘personal parkrun’ around the school field.

Zoe Buse has been enjoying the sunrise and views during her early morning runs

Jane Stephens did a “not the Marathon des Sables parkrun.” Hopefully Jane will be able to run the real deal this September

Craig Welch’s mate Adam, “who I met up with at the Grizzly just ran a marathon in the tower block he lives in! 852 flights of stairs! ” We are all looking forward to Craig emulating this in his freshly painted hallway. In the meantime, Craig ” broke the world record for most flies swallowed over a 5k distance…”

Craig after his protein packed meal

Jane and John Stedman have been getting out on the moor and sharing daily photos.

Kerrie Parker took her grizzly out for a slow 4 miler. Fantastic to see you recovered so quickly Kerrie, from what may or may not have been Corona.

Gemma Vare has been out for a few 10ks

Danial Cox has doing some sprint training.

Phil Dawber managed to complete a garden Parkrun whilst being chased by children armed with water pistols!

Vicki and Tom Sparkes did a Saturday 5k time trial, taking it in turns to be on the bike with son Barney. “The run was fine (normal Sat morning pain fest) but I’d never ridden with chubby Barney on the back so the bike back while Tom ran, was more of a challenge. Not Parkrun but similar enough to give a bit of Saturday purpose”!

John Tilley has been getting back to fitness after an injury in January, by getting on the road bike and rowing machine

Marty Barnfield has been exploring some of the country lanes around Bodmin and enjoying the good weather.

Julie Oxenham ran a half marathon -“just went out, non intentional but the weather was nice and it was peaceful, so I kept going.”

Nicky Brenton ran 11 miles – “A slow up and downer, but so lovely to be out in the beautiful sunshine”

Fran and Nic Vosper ran a laundry cottage and solar panels 7.5 mile loop. Fran composed an Ode to mark the occasion

Great effort all round. Well done BRRs