So we’ve done it, we’ve all staggered off of the hill(s) and into the Golden Lion Pub in Horton in Ribblesdale. After Marty Barnfield’s efforts on the hill today, he’s feeling on top of the world and after one pint is offering to fight anyone in the pub. Let’s be avving yer! Stefan Palmer is so tired he’s made the terrible decision of starting a strip poker competition with the locals.  Jane Stedman on the other hand is bringing some Cornish culture to Yorkshire, belting out sea shanties from atop the bar that would make the Fisherman’s Friends blush. What a couple of weeks.

The King of the Mountain pants have been claimed by Marty this week. 7000ft of ascent, he ran up Ingleborough 3 times, nutter. In these times when we’re not really allowed to go to the pub he also wins this virtual Yorkshire homebrew kit. Enjoy!

After a close race, Andrew Ross stole the Steve Allsop prize from Steve himself, in the last hours of daylight. 2600ft in 9.5miles. Good effort Andrew You win a signed photo of Steve Allsop #fake#therealsteveallsop.

Full credit to Lesley Taphouse who took no prisoners on this one and claims the overall King of the Mountain Title across the 3 weeks with a grand total of 19,076ft when she only needed to do 5890ft! In honour of this, the people of Yorkshire have renamed Whernside, Mount Lesley. Very generous. You’ll receive a special KOM sticker on your certificate!

Anyway, massive well done to everyone who took part and gave the Virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks a bash. Even if you didn’t win one of these fantastic virtual awards, you’re all still legendary virtual fell runners. Thanks for coming along, I’ve really enjoyed myself anyway! I’ll be sending you all a highly prized and unofficial Y3Peaks certificate. Between the 29 of us we’ve clocked up over 76,000m of climbing over 3 weeks, the same as climbing up Shispare, the 38th highest mountain in the world ten times. Or keeping it local, 2200 reps of Crinnicks Hill!

Have a week off from the hills (if you want to!) and if folks want more of the same, there are plenty more virtual hills out there. Rebecca Bateman did suggest a virtual Bob Graham Round (a famous challenge in the Lake District), although I’m not sure if she realised this would involve 26,000 feet of ascent!

This week’s scores on the doors in ft. Now, who’s got the keys to the minibus??

Marty Barnfield 7561

Lesley Taphouse 6948

Jane Stedman 6391

Claire Balow 6046

Gemma Vare 5010

Ian Ringer 4274

Jane Stephens 3635

Steve Allsop 3592

Stuart Thomson 3550

Chris Madeley 3386

Katrina Veran 3258

Becky Bateman 3022

Damian Philip 2982

Julie Oxenham 2887

Phil Dawber 2828

Louise Richardson 2680

Helen Stevenson 2672

Andrew Ross 2651

Nicky Brenton 2588

Stef Palmer 2569

Tom Sparkes 2562

Dee Smith 2417

Kerri Rowe 2363

Emma Stephens 2328

Nichola Sinclair 1729

Martyn Prouse 1606

Once again, apologies if I’ve got any of this wrong!

Race report and organisation by Tom Sparkes