Craig Welch and his family created their own strava tribute to the NHS

Fran Vosper shared a heartwarming video in his role as chairman during these difficult times.

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“Rare white bluebells seen on the first beastly hill that I hit once I leave my house —-👌🏽 “


Team Temple “completed another non park run – variation on the theme hill rep relays today. So miss the Park Run, it is going to be so weird when things eventually return to perhaps a new normal, perhaps a better one”?

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Katrina Verran ran an NHS 5K

No photo description available.

Everyone is out searching for the steepest hills they can find to complete the Toms Sparke’s 3 Peaks Challenge.

Fran Vosper took us all out for a bluebell run

BLUEBELL WOODS in Northwest England - YouTube

The Bluebell Run

Ok guys and gals as we are we faced with where to run
I thought I’d invite you all to run virtually with Nic and I as we run through our wonderful countryside.

Read it slow as the pace is gentle but if you do get ahead of us just loop back.

Watches set and we’re off out the door
Down pass the white clock
Running down Jubilee Terrace
Where once the old hospital Kendall Block
Overlooked the Ranco steel tube factory
Gone now.

A quick bimble through the old hospital grounds
Where I can still imagine the hustle and bustle of Fosters block and hall.
Across Boundary Lane and down towards the sleepy St Lawrence
Which in days gone by was a lepers colony
And the eventual Asylums name for St Lawrence’s Hospital
Both gone now

Up a bugger of a hill, short, sharp shock.
Makes your bum hang out, keep going nearly at the top.
Phew, wobbly legs will settle soon
A nice gentle down hill bit to catch your breath
Straight over the crossroads
Looking for the footpath on the left

Here it is across the field and into Bluebell Woods
It’s lovely here, the ground almost wall to wall bluebells
Ferns, crooked gnarled trees, one of a few ancient woods
We will run through today
The pace as slackened as we take in the tranquility
Loop back if you will, I’m savouring the moment

Down from the wood and into Lamorrick
Along the main road and into Lanivet
Turning sharp left before the church
Up a nasty drag pass the cemetery
Still going up, (walking now) Nic ain’t
And a left turn up another sharp nip

Thank goodness it’s levelled out
It’s even turned kind rolling gently down the lane
Jim’s hardware store appears on the distant left
Whilst to the right Bodmin spirals with new builds
Adjacent to the not so new hospital ironically in the old
St Lawrence Hospital grounds.

Turning right pass a granite farm house with a name I can no longer read
Towards Pengellys Organic Farm and rich smells
The hedges adorned with the aforementioned bluebells
Primroses, buttercups, campions, and pretty little white blossoms.
The old dog wonders out to greet us but our attention
Is drawn by the nasty looking collie all teeth and snarl
So i let Nic off her lead and he ran away ha ha

Turn right and up Blowinghouse Lane, if you’ve not done it before
This is a steep devil, run, walk, run, walk, sod it
Stop, stretch, dig in, Keep going it has to plateau out
At the top, phew, fab views across the ploughed fields,
Evidence of farmers busy planting, growing, waiting for harvest.
I saw a pheasant, and an ostrich lolling in a field.
Ha ha an Ostrich just wondering if you’re still with us.

Rooks, pigeons, blackbirds, big birds little birds
Circling buzzard, hope it’s not a vulture
Horses, cows, no sheep tho, turn left,
And for all you Rainbow Warriors
No plastic carrier bags, McDonalds packaging, Costa coffee cups
Lockdown has some advantages for the countryside.
Legs tired now as we run pass another ancient woodland
East of Tregullon up, yes always up towards Tretoil.

Hanger left and Down, oh the pleasure of down,
Down through Tregullon and its centenary plaque
Pass my old Auntie Hilda’s cottage where Andy and I used to stay
Did you know that there is an old tin mine
Hidden in the moor between Tregullon and the Lanhydrock golf course
Andy and I Used to cycle out and play there till we got chased away lol.

Turn left again and down, whoop whoop still down
Alongside another ancient wood towards Trekillick Farm
And the dry ford, up and over to Crazy Al’s and Kirlands
Iron railed bridge and the worse up of all
Thank god it nearly over crawling pass the beautiful Rose Cottage
And ever up, walking again, just want to finish, need water

(it’s nigh on a mile from Kirlands bridge to the beacon monument)
Stopping at the fields behind the beacon looking back at where we have been
Always a pleasure, such a view
And today’s ideal conditions simply fabulous,
wish I took some water tho

The final lanes around the beacon, a few people, and a man with a stick?
Lots of green, different greens, leaves, grass, foliage, drying moss.
Nearly home, 9 miles
But glad we done it.
Hope you enjoyed our company.