Well the sun’s going down over the Ribble valley and another epic week of fell running in the bag. Well done team, thanks for sticking with it, it’s a long slog across the misty moors and up the hill but you totally aced it. 24 of us made it without too much incident. 86000 feet of climbing between us. That’s like scaling Bodmin beacon 597 times, phew! Any volunteers?

Damian Philp smashed it this week, stealing the King of the Mountain title from Lesley Taphouse by 90ish feet. The cheek of it! Unfortunately the KOM pants are in deep clean after a week with Ian Ringer. On the plus side, I’ve found this excellent glue on mountain moustache and a virtual teapot from the area. Enjoy mate, well earned!

Helen Stevenson wins the People’s Perseverance Prize for forcing herself out again to get up the last 60ft before it got dark. She wins a virtual Yorkshire Terrier called Bingo. Watch him, he’s a bit nippy.

Well enjoy your tipple of choice, do your virtual chest bump with a team mate and we’ll crack on to Ingleborough tomorrow.

Once again, sorry for anyone I’ve missed off the list. My admin doesn’t get any better after a glass of Haywood cider.

Damian Philip 6725

Lesley Taphouse 6600

Marty Barnfield 6157

Jane Stedman 6095

Ian Ringer 4831

Claire Barlow 4573

Chris Madeley 3386

Tom Sparkes 3273

Stuart Thomson 3179

Julie Oxenham 3116

Katrian Verran 2907

Steve Allsop 2890

Kerri Rowe 2677

Rebecca Bateman 2441

Louise Richardson 2421

Nicky Brenton 2420

Phil Dawber 2303

Phil Dawber 2303

Emma Stephens 2267

Andrew Ross 2257

Jane Stephens 2231

Stef Palmer 2158

Dee Smith 2142

Helen Stevenson 2140

Race organisation and report by Tom Sparkes. Thanks to Phil for driving the minibus and Jane for providing the beers.