It’s Pen–y-ghent week!

444m of ascent this week please if you’re doing the virtual 3 peaks challenge. (if you want to go harder 694 m from sea level to the summit)

We’ve made it to Yorkshire without Phil Dawber crashing the minibus. Ian Ringer had a moment where he realised he was reading the roadmap upside down, but a couple of hundred miles of detours later and we’ve made it!

Pen-y-ghent, probably meaning ‘Hill of Terror’ (or maybe not) is a short sharp run out of Horton in Ribblesdale, the starting point for the challenge. Its only about 2.5 miles to the top but its pretty steep.

Give it your best and we’ll meet at the top. Let us know how many metres of ‘up’ you’ve done by Sunday.

Tom Sparkes

Woop woop! Amazing effort Virtual 3 Peaks team We’ve made it to the top of Pen-y-ghent. The weather’s been phenomenal, the trails have been dry. Jane’s drunk pretty much all the beer but still made it to the top and everyone got slightly carried away! With a team of 23 (a few people haven’t quite made it out of the car park) we’ve pretty much all got to the top and done 20 loop backs to the village between us to pick up the stragglers. Between us we’ve climbed the same as two Everests. Amazing. Anyway, don’t stop now. Do your celebratory handstand then on to week two and Whernside

Not that we’re competing, but here’s the ranking with everyone’s ascent in feet. (Apologies if I’ve missed you off the list or made a mistake). Ian Ringer claims King of the Mountain and gets the honour of wearing the King of the mountain pants for the next stage! Thanks for joining in and looping back everyone.

Ian Ringer 4744 ft

Chris Madeley 4728

Jane Stedman 4570

Marty Barnfield 4310

Damian Philip 4209

Phil Dawber 3701

Tom Sparkes 3184

Stuart Thomson 2844

Kerri Rowe 2678

Emma Stephens 2585

Rebecca Bateman 2428

Jane Stephens 2405

Andrew Ross 2343

Alan Hughes 2284

Nicky Brenton2023

Louise Richardson 1998

Nicola Sinclair 1991

Steve Allsop 1965

Katrina Verra 1661

Stefan Palmer 1608

Dee Smith 1604

Vicki Sparkes 1456

Helen Stevenson 1011 ft

Total 62330 ft

Race Report and Race Organisation by Tom Sparkes

The BRR virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

While we’re still allowed to run outdoors (but not together!), we thought some folks might appreciate a bit of extra motivation to add some hills to your training. So with the nod from our esteemed coaches, I propose a virtual club trip up north to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge over the next 3 weeks in April.

The route is 23 miles long with about 1600m (5249ft) of ascent. The plan is to do it in 3 week stages at our own pace, no one gets left behind! The mileage isn’t that important as I’m sure you’ll cover that. The main thing is to hit the total ascent for each week.

Week 1: Pen-y-ghent: 444m (1457ft) of ascent (equivalent of 1.5 seven hills of hell sessions)

Week 2: Whernside: 630m (2067ft) of ascent

Week 3: Ingleborough 718m (2356ft) of ascent

Comment on the group Facebook Page to say if you want to be part of the 3 peaks team. Then at the end of each week, comment to say how much ascent you’ve done during your training runs and I’ll tot it all up. You can go over the allotted ascent for that week, but as it’s a team effort, any extra ascent will just be loop backs picking up those BRRs still behind!

Maybe use this opportunity to seek out some new (and quiet!) hills. Stay safe, keep to social distancing rules and watch out for cars etc… Let’s see some photos of people toughing out the hills as well…

Personalised certificates for everyone that comes along…oooooohh!

Week one starts tomorrow, Monday 6 April: its Pen-y-ghent week! See you at the top next Sunday!

Tom Sparkes

Lockdown: Week 3

Rebecca Bateman took some time off from perfecting her headstand to lead Tuesday Training from her back garden with a session of running drills plus some coordination and strength. The video is saved on the group Facebook Page.

Martin Pipet was the first BRR to complete Bys Vyken Events’ Laps on Lockdown which involves a run, walk or crawl of 5K, 10K, half or full Marathon, with a minimum of 5 laps in the route. Martin was overtaken by the invisible man and finished second.

Claire Barlow ran 13 times around the block for her Laps on Lockdown challenge, turning round half way. “Ran past the same people several times! First in the age category! First female and 1st Overall! Go me 😅 🥇 whoop whoop! ”

Virtual Insanity Continues:

Nichola Sinclair‘s doggies are no longer talking to her after a 10.3 mile run

Claire Barlow discovered Tik Tok and went back for third helpings of Virtual Insanity

Lesley Taphouse and Katrina Verran received medals for challenges completed last week

BRRs have been seeking out the hilliest routes they can find this week, as part of Tom Sparkes’ 3 Peaks Challenge. Not difficult to find hilly routes in Cornwall and the BRRs have managed to find some real corkers.

Damian Philp ran “Eleven Hills of Damn Right Stupidity”

From Emma Stephens “Good people of Bodmin, I present to you… THE HELLANDBRIDGE HELLER. The hill to end all hills, almost 2 miles of constant climb. I found this beauty when pondering how to complete Tom’s climbing challenge. Just turn right when you get to Hellandbridge on the Camel trail and keep going all the way to the T junction. You can then turn right again and come back into Bodmin on the old A30. How about giving it a go? I’ve created a segment on Strava. It’s a great time to do it as the lanes would ordinarily be busy with drivers taking the shortcut to Camelford. Happy Easter all 💙”

No photo description available.

Rebecca Bateman did “Lloyds bank steps reps and Crinnicks to really finish me off”

Louise Richardson “count me in. I’ve not got any option but to run hills from my house 😜”

Andrew Ross “did a little prep on Tregullon (Gail’s favourite) yesterday”

Gail Hartill has running the Hills of Hell and found “it’s better in the dark as u don’t see the big hill.” 

In other news

Craig Welch and his son Jack have been working out to Just Dance and doing roly polys down Bodmin Beacon

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Stephen Woodard‘s been working on his juggling skills

Jane Stephens has been making pasties

Emma Stephens has been trying to teach Ben Crowle to play the piano