Pandemic Round Up

“Run for your mind not your body” (Jane Stephens)

Bodmin Road Runners are keeping up their fitness levels and running mojos in some inventive and crazy ways.

Ian Temple didn’t make it to the Prague half marathon, instead “made the best of things with a gorgeous half to Padstow and back.” Well done on the PB Ian.

Kerri Rowe exhausted her dogs and children with a garden Parkrun

Zoe Buse ran Bys Vyken Events’ Virtual Insanity 10K

Claire Barlow, Julie Oxenham and Katrina Verran all successfully completed a second Virtual Insanity 10k.

Damian Philp ran 8 miles in an impressive 66 minutes and is working on some new dance moves.
Nichola Sinclair is managing to combine exercising her dogs with a run

John Tilly has been doing some cross training with indoor rowing and cycling down moorland lanes.

Rachel Wilsher and her son are working on their garden handstands

Fran and Nic, and Becky and Stef are fortunate to live with their running partners. Other BRRs have spotted lycra buddies out running and shared a distant wave.

Ian Ringer has been “Running every day – away from people (if you see what I mean).”

Gail Hartill doesn’t have a modern phone to listen to music on and has been pumping out Radio 2 from her old ghetto blaster on her shoulder.

Andrew Ross “ran the jail loop last night and saw Billy running the opposite way….lovely and quiet. This weather is a bonus!”

Mike Reed has also been out ‘fat tyre’ing’. “W/B local woodlands & bridleways/single tracks 4 me though! Epic birdsong out ‘n’ about!” 

Craig Welch and his son Jack have been working out to Joe Wicks in their PJs.

Fran Vosper found his muse and composed an ode to our favourite Parkrun

The run


Chilly dry morning, long sleeves, short sleeves?
Trail or road shoes? runners all shapes and sizes
Smiley happy faces, long worried faces
Race brief, dogs barking, people chatting
Hands up, national trust.
3 2 1 go

Congested start, lots of legs, many colours
First corner running quicker, thinning out
Breathing hard, feeling good
First hill, too fast, bloody hill
Lean in to it, keep going, near the top
Morning marshal

Sweating, eyes sting, legs like lead
Down hill, very bumpy, lots of gravel
Tree roots, slippy mud, shiny stones
Woodlands, bluebells, wild daffs
primroses, giant ferns
Mary’s Crossroads

The river high, running fast, wish I was
Slowing down, being passed
Breathing hard gulping air, why do I do this?
Keep going you’re half way round
come on you can do this!
Morning Mary

Pass the cottages and up the drive
The scary dolls are back, watching, staring
Run ten walk ten run ten walk ten run
It’s steeper than last week, sharp right, muddy gate
It looks down hill but I’m sure I’m running up
Swimming pool

Now it’s a long up, many walking, puffing catching breath
Tired legs, slippy mud, no cows or sheep
Back on the hard path, still too steep to run
Massive oaks, Lanhydrock red gates
Cattle grid, smiling marshal, high fives
Thank you marshal

The final climb, knackered, god I’m hot!
Penultimate corner whoop whoop it’s down hill from now
Striding out, running fast, oops mind the cow pats!
Final corner, finish in sight, cheering, shouting, panting
PB or not to be that is the question

Thank you parkrun