Falmouth Half Marathon

From left Heather, Kerri Rowe, Nic Vosper, Claire Barlow, Jules Atherton and Ian Ringer

Well done to all the BRRs who ran “yet another hilly one” aka The Falmouth Half Marathon on Sunday.

Race Report by Ian Ringer

Well done everyone for the Falmouth Half on Sunday.

Here are our fabulous members results:

Marty Barnfield: 1.53.06

Kerri Rowe: 1.56.02

Well done to you two to come in under the 2 hours. A great effort one that course.

Claire Barlow: 2.01.18 (agonising Claire!)

Nic Vosper: 2.12.15. Second in age group – wine aplenty.

Ian Ringer: 2.16.42 Also 2nd inn A/G: More wine!

Jules Atherton: 2.42.37. Jules only decided on the morning of the race. Turned up in her P/Js!

This is not an easy course with many hills. It poured with rain at first that morning, but then the sun came out, making for a very pleasant run.

There were 547 finishers, but 190 people failed to turn up. Even so, much dosh was made for Cornwall Hospice Care. Falmouth Road Runners did a great job.

Little did we know that that was the last race for a while, just as we are getting into the spring schedule. Ho hum.

As I type, the church bell in tolling. I think it means ‘bring out your bodies’. Also, there are large birds circling overhead. I think they are vultures.

Thanks to Fran Vosper and Dave Anderson for the photos

A busy day for the Vosper Clan. Half Marathon for Mum (Kerri Row) and Nanny (Nic Vosper) followed by Par Duathlon to watch the little people. Medals all round. Well done all.