Duchy 20

Mike Reed, Rebecca Bateman, Rachael Wilsher, Lesley Taphouse, Stefan Palmer, Kerri Rowe, Nic Vosper, Gail Hartill, Jane Stedman, Helen Stevenson, Claire Barlow and Julie Oxenham (thanks to Julie for the photo)

Well done BRRs


Gail Hartill 2.53.20

Rachael Wilsher 2.56.51 (Age Category Prize)

Kerri Rowe 3.09.07

Julie Oxenham 3.22.52

Jane Stedman 3.22.52

Helen Stevenson 3.22.51

Claire Barlow 3.22.51

Michael Reed 3.44.43

Rebecca Bateman 3.44.55

Stefan Palmer 3.44.55

Lesley Taphouse 4.05.35 PB

Nic Vosper: 4.11.20 (Age Category Prize)

Very well done all.

Full Results:

Bys Vyken Classic Jack and Little Jack

“Raw, breath-taking, everything we love about the Cornish Coastline”

Louise Richardson (photo by Ritchie Richardson)

“OMG what a race – awesome, mud over my knees, very hilly, went rock climbing, played in the sand on the beach, and an ass busting climb/run/crawl to the finish. The views were raw, breath taking, everything we love about the Cornish coastline.” (Nicola Sinclair)

“Could only just stay on my feet in the wind so it turned into a 18.4 mile walk scrambling over rocks, wading through shin deep mud and getting battered by hail 💨💨🌨🌨💨💨 Great day though. Well done to all the BRRs that took part.” (Louise Richardson)

Results: Classic Jack

William Callaway and Lerryn Hogg: 5:53:41

Louise Richardson: 6:05:10

Results: Little Jack

Nichola Sinclair: 2:00:03