Arc of Attrition

Arc Heros Phil Dawber and Gail Hartill completing the 100
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo
Chris Madeley taking on the 50
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo
Chris Madeley and Jane Stephens, finish line
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo

Well done Phil, Gail and Chris, amazing, just amazing

Thank you to Emma Stephens, Katie Skea, Rebecca Bateman, MudCrew and Bluekite photography for the gallery photos.

Course Map

Newquay 10k

What a fantastic turnout from the club Р29! Brilliant. It was so good to see a sea of blue out there. Great to see Clive Ramsden again. He has moved to Newquay, so had only just got out of bed!

It was very warm and the overnight rain, fortunately, had dissipated. There was a significant amount of mud going up the lane and, just to add to the excitement, a number of horses came out of the farm causing some disturbance to the front runners.

It’s a difficult race to marshal with the road crossings, so well done to NRR for a well managed race. Very enjoyable.

Here are the club’s results:

Clive Ramsden: 40.11

(Jo Temple: 41.48)

Ian Temple:42.45 (3rd in his age-group)

Ben Crowle:42.58

Emma Stephens: 47.12

Andrew Vosper: 49.45

Alison Temple: 49.44

Tim Knab: 49.44

Jane Stedman: 49.49

Stephen Woodard: 50.52

Gemma Vare: 50.52

Clare McKee: 50.56

Marty Barnfield: 51.32 (first run as part of BRRs)

Helen Stephenson: 51.46

Julie Oxenham: 52.00

Claire Barlow: 53.47

Zoe Buse: 54.45

Katrina Verran: 55.30

Nic Vosper: 56.28

Ian Ringer: 56.44

Kerrie Parker: 56.55

Francis Vosper: 58.23

Nicola Sinclair: 1.02

Lesley Taphouse: 1.05.26

Sean Taylor: 1.06.07

Craig Welch: 1.06.29

Jules Atherton: 1.08.49

Dave Anderson: 1.12.37

Karen Sully: 1.13.22

Karen Anderson: 1.22.46

There were 788 finishers.

Race Report by Ian Ringer, photo by Andrew Ross