Race Report by Ian Ringer 6.10.19

It was another busy race weekend: The Chester Marathon; Plymouth 10K and the Cardiff Half Marathon. Results:Plymouth 10K:Stephen Woodard: 49.13 Julie Oxenham: 54.33 Katrina Verran: 1.00.10 Nicola Sinclair: 1.02.49Chester Marathon: Emma Stephens: 3.59.41Mike Ellis: 3.52.52Cardiff Half Marathon: Clare Mckee: 1.57.41 Andrew Ross: 1.57.43And Jane Stedman ran the Atlantic Coast Challenge, a three day, 76 mile race from Padstow to Land’s End. This was Jane”s 270th marathon. to say well done is grossly insufficient.
Great running all. You did the club proud.(I’m going for a lie down now!) 🤸‍♂️