BRR London Marathon Ballot 2018

Dear all,

On Monday 1st May, the public ballot for the 2018 London Marathon will open. Runners have until 5pm on Friday 5th May to put their name in and be in with a chance of getting a ballot (non-charity) place. There is no maximum limit on the number of entrants, so you can do this at point during this period. You are then told in October whether you have been successful.

More information can be found here:

For those who aren’t aware, each running club is also allocated a number of London Marathon places to be given to their members; we have one place allocated to us as we have less than 100 members. In previous years, we have decided this by having everyone who is interested put their name in a hat and choosing one at random at the Christmas party. The winner then pays their own entry fee. However, with the club growing so much in number (and distance ambition!) recently, we thought it was time to follow suit of other local clubs and put some requirements in place to make sure the winner is someone who has reliably shown an interest and is committed to running the race.

This year, entrants for the BRR club draw must fulfil the following:

  • Paid up membership for this season
  • First-claim affiliation with Bodmin Road Runners (if we are your second claim club, your first claim club will have their own draw)
  • Have entered and been unsuccessful in the public ballot.

The results of the ballot are sent out in October, so this means you just need to send me proof of your rejection (letter/email) when you get it and we can put you in the draw. This will then be drawn at random as usual, at the earlier time of October to allow the lucky winner to start planning their training!

In short – Make sure you enter the public ballot next week if you would like to be in with a chance of getting a place through BRR!

Hope that’s ok with everyone. Any questions, let one of the committee know.


Emma (BRR Secretary)