Bys Vyken Events: Hopwarts Harry and Virtual Insanity

With all upcoming races cancelled, BRRS are still managing to keep fit (and their distance from everyone else)!

Julie Oxenham and Jacky Tyler were the latest to earn their Virtual Insanity Medals

Well done to Katrina Verran for successfully completing a virtual 10kand in doing so helping raise money for the Eve Appeal as well.

Dee Smith, Claire Barlow and Julie Oxenham completed Bys Vyken’s Virtual Insanity

Well done everyone and thanks to Bys Vyken events for helping to keep us motivated

Claire Barlow sets BRRs a tough challenge

“This morning I ran 57 laps of my garden. I think it would be great to see some really crazy runs in small spaces being recorded. 😁BRR keeping fit and social isolating” Claire was assisted by her son Corey as Marshall and chief lap counter. Fantastic effort Claire.

Claire inspired me to run a Parkrun in my garden.

Inaugural Rivendell Parkrun went really well; some tricky switchbacks and tight corners. Bit smelly with muck spreading going on in the field next door and running round the dustbins. Despite a late start, set a course record, was first finisher, first in my age category and managed to volunteer as tailwalker. Cafe was open afterwards but missed my usual Parkrun chums x (Dee Smith)

Stay safe everyone!

Falmouth Half Marathon

From left Heather, Kerri Rowe, Nic Vosper, Claire Barlow, Jules Atherton and Ian Ringer

Well done to all the BRRs who ran “yet another hilly one” aka The Falmouth Half Marathon on Sunday.

Race Report by Ian Ringer

Well done everyone for the Falmouth Half on Sunday.

Here are our fabulous members results:

Marty Barnfield: 1.53.06

Kerri Rowe: 1.56.02

Well done to you two to come in under the 2 hours. A great effort one that course.

Claire Barlow: 2.01.18 (agonising Claire!)

Nic Vosper: 2.12.15. Second in age group – wine aplenty.

Ian Ringer: 2.16.42 Also 2nd inn A/G: More wine!

Jules Atherton: 2.42.37. Jules only decided on the morning of the race. Turned up in her P/Js!

This is not an easy course with many hills. It poured with rain at first that morning, but then the sun came out, making for a very pleasant run.

There were 547 finishers, but 190 people failed to turn up. Even so, much dosh was made for Cornwall Hospice Care. Falmouth Road Runners did a great job.

Little did we know that that was the last race for a while, just as we are getting into the spring schedule. Ho hum.

As I type, the church bell in tolling. I think it means ‘bring out your bodies’. Also, there are large birds circling overhead. I think they are vultures.

Thanks to Fran Vosper and Dave Anderson for the photos

A busy day for the Vosper Clan. Half Marathon for Mum (Kerri Row) and Nanny (Nic Vosper) followed by Par Duathlon to watch the little people. Medals all round. Well done all.

Grizzly 2020 Hills (and Mud) Aplenty

The Grizzly Team got to put their pose to the test and ran, slipped and laughed their way to the finish line
from left Lesley Taphouse, Jules Atherton, Claire Barlow, Kerrie Parker, Dee Smith, Lisa Hawke, Julie Oxenham, Craig Welch, Katrina Verran, Fran Vosper and Dave Bidgway
Julie, Claire and Kerrie crossing the finish line
Katrina and Dave follow shortly afterward
Lisa, Fran, Leslie and Craig cross the line together

Dave and Julie Bidgway
Brought together by BRR, bonded together by the Grizzly! Lovely day at the seaside with this lot! Blood, sweat and almost some tears! 💙 ” (Craig)

Well done to Chris Madeley for completing the “insanely muddy” course in a very respectable 3:21:36

Thanks to Axe Valley Runners for organising a total mudfest. If you enjoy hills, mud, outstanding natural beauty, and a fantasticly well organised event, this is definitely one to add to the list

Photos by Julie, Katrina, Jules, Claire and Keith Hill

Race Report by Dee

Bideford Half

A torrential downpour during the first 3 miles made for a very wet race, despite the sun coming out! A great course, although not as flat as I remember with 3 good climbs on the road out before coming back on the flat Tarka Trail.

Scores on the doors/watches:
Ben 1:39:45
Emma 1:43:51

Hope everyone has had good runs this weekend, it’s been a busy one for races! 💙

Race Report by Emma Stephens

KVK 2020

Spring is in the Air and it’s been another busy weekend for BRRs. On Saturday 10 intrepid racers took on the kilometre of vertical ascent aka the KVK. Well done everyone

Thank you to Freedom Racing, Karen Sully, and Marty Barnfield for the photos

Loyd Purvis of Run4Adventure has put together a great video which showcases the spectacular KVK route and steep hills:

Parkrun – International Women’s Day

Parkrun joined forces with the This Girl Can campaign to mark International Women’s Day this weekend.  In the spirit of the day, Lanhydrock saw female runners outnumber the men, with 6 women running their first ever Parkrun. Girl Power!!!

Thank you to Lesley Taphouse for the gallery photos