Runway Runaround

Race Report by Stephen Woodard

Thank you to those who have already commented on Runway Runaround in aid of Cornwall Air Ambulance. As far as I am aware there was just myself, Jacky Tyler and Karen Sully doing this race. Certainly not as scenic as the Cornish Marathon, lots of tarmac, Thomas Cook aircraft, and no shelter from the wind…..there was a slope though !!!. Jacky Tyler finished in 57:22 Karen finished in 1hr 08m and myself 49:20. There was no age groups but with most of Cornwall’s elite athletes elsewhere hopefully we would have done OK.

Cornish Marathon

Well it started as a pleasant day in the sunshine when the 390 runners started off on the Cornish Marathon. After the worry of Saturday’s weather, it was a blessing that it took place at all. As it was, the course was hastily re-routed to take out the flooded Fowey valley. So it was an up-and-back to Dozmary Pool. Because of the last minute decision to go ahead, it was not possible to re-measure the route officially and most measured it with their watches as about 25.5 miles. From a GP point of view this doesn’t matter. However, if you have to provide evidence of having run a marathon, it may. Ho hum.

It was grim out there when the rain came, wet, windy and cold. Many suffered, with the last runners finishing in 6.5 hours. Hats off to the marshals, timekeeper and helpers for standing out for so long.

Our brave members of course did very well indeed. Here are their times:

Gail Hartill: 3.50.27 (second in age group)

Rachael Wilsher: 4.13.31 (third in age group)

Gemma Vare: 4.31.03

Jane Stedman: 4.31.03

Rebecca Bateman: 4.31.48

Michael Reed: 4.31.48

Helen Stephenson: 4.42.44

Kerri Rowe: 4.43.05

Nic Vosper: 4.43.05 (third in age group)

Zoe Buse: 4.44.29

Claire Barlow: 4.46.03

Lesley Taphouse:5.33.33

Sabrina Hicks: 5.33.36

Very well done all. That’s the GP races completed for the year.

See you at the Mob Match for presentations.

Race Report and photo by Ian Ringer

Twilight Run Cardinham

Purple Gecko Events, photo by Blue Kite Communication

Well done to the Bodmin Road Runners who ventured into the woods on Wednesday night.

Special mentions to Emma who was second female in the 10k event, Jane who was first in her age category in the 10k and Jackie 1st in her age category in the Canicross 5k event (28.34).

10k Event

Emma 48:26

Anthony 50:10

Jane Stephens 57:37

Nicola 1:04:08

Thanks to Purple Gecko Events for organising a great run.

Race Report by Dee

Bodmin Road Runners on Tour

Here’s wishing the best of luck to our marvellous marathon man, Martin, who is off to Ljubljana, Slovenia to run a marathon there. He’s on great form, break the two hours 😁 Good luck old chap.

Big shout out to Jules, running the James Cunningham Seawall 9.5k in Vancouver.

Well done Jules

Bodmin Way 20.10.19

Fab route today: two thirds of the BODMIN Way. Great running, great people.

“Great mornings run folks, thanks for the route Ian & Rebecca & company, loved the sunshine & mist, views!”
“Cracking run and route”
“Definitely felt looked after by our leader”

Great South Run round up:

Ben Crowle 1:15:32
Gail Hartill 1:15:55
Katie Skea 1:15:55
Emma Stephens 1:15:57
Billy Mack 1:17:20

Marty Barnfield 1:22:19
Jane Stephens 1:25:44
Calvin Mudd 1:25:34 (and 4th in yesterday’s canine run!)
Zoe Buse 1:33:57
Lesley Taphouse 1:45:29
Craig Welch 1:53:10

Sean Taylor 1:56:22
Karen Sully 1:58:26

A beautiful day out in Portsmouth with a great atmosphere and amazing support!

Race report by Emma, photo by Zoe

Eden Marathon and Half Marathon 2019

Wow what a great day out at Eden’s Half Marathon on Sunday.
Lashing rain as we queued waiting for the gunshot and we’re off. 13 miles of wet lanes, very muddy footpaths, squelching sodden feet attached to aching legs and tormented bodies. Runners with big smiles, runners with no expressions, runners in pain, but runners doing what they do. Support was amazing and popping up in the most unexpected places and always a pleasure to see. Friendly marshals and water stations. Mountain rescue and a halfway hug x.
For those who follow our exploits it’s 8 .2 in the bragging rights with Nic well to the fore. PB’s for us both and touch wood I am finishing races in good condition.
Thank you for reading and huge thanks to all involved in competing, marshalling, supporting, and finally the organisers. Thank you

Race Report by Fran Vosper. Photos courtesy of Patto’s Pics, Craig Welch, Kerrie Parker and Sophie Clinton.


Well done to Gail, Kerri, Rebecca and Claire 1st women’s team

Gail 3:56:20 (2nd in age category)

Kerri 4:41:48

Rebecca 4:50:33

Claire 5:03:59

Jane 4:52:59 (100 Marathon Club)

By all accounts the mud was epic:  Jane had to be pulled out of the bog and Becky was still finding mud after 2 showers.

Half Marathon

Damian 1:40:06

Katie 1:48:16 (4th in age category)

Anthony 1:51:37

Marty 1:57:02

Stephen 1:57:48

Gemma 2:01:23

Helen 2:03:52

Fran 2:07:04

Jake 2:09:54

Julie 2:11:33

Nic 2:12:51 (4th in age category)

Zoe 2:17:56

Kerrie 2:18:27

Katrina 2:19:49

John 2:23:06

Dee 2:26:58

Craig 2:38:32

Lesley 2:39:50