Treasure Hunt by 31 May 2020

For a bit of fun I’m setting a scavenger hunt, this week in the course of your daily exercise I want to to try to find and the following ten items and take a photograph of them and post by 1800 hrs next Sunday 31st May.

So here’s the list;
1. A lion (can be a picture if you can’t find a real one 😉)
2. Topiary (bush trimmed into pretty shape)
3. A discarded shoe in a hedge or roadside
4. A snail
5. A footbridge
6. A stone mike marker
7. A windmill
8. An aircraft flying
9. A hubcap ( not on a car)
10. The best COVID NHS rainbow you can find

Happy hunting everyone 🧐👀📸 (Becky)

Well done everyone, some very good photos and a nice bit of creativity from some (Craig Welch). You are all winners.

Karen A
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Phil “Was out running last night and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw a lion trimming a topiary bush in the shape of a discarded shoe and a hubcap! Sadly too slow to photograph”! Helen is still working out how to collate her photos, but completed the challenge.

Summit!!! We’re virtually the highest people in the UK right now.

Summit!!! We’re virtually the highest people in the UK right now. I mean in terms of ascent, I’ve told you before not to smoke the wacky backy on the minbus! What a view though back across the scree and away over Loch Linnhe…

Anyway, really amazing effort team, that was a beast. I just about managed to drag myself up this one but felt every foot of climbing and had to extend the cutoff so I didn’t get left behind (organiser’s privilege)! 10 summiteers this week and one ‘nearly there’. If you will carry that piano around with you Ian, climbing Ben Nevis was always going to be a toughie! Great effort though. 300ft to go! We could have all come and carried you the last bit to the top, cool runnings style!

Marty Barnfield is once again King of the Mountain, geddon! You win a deep fried kebab that I found round the back of Spar on Fort William High Street. Claire Barlow is again literally on the top spot. Amazing job, you win a private gig with Susan Boyle playing the bagpipes. I think she’s got about 10 hours of material to play…

Really amazing job everyone, it’s been great running the virtual hills with you. Super impressed how above and beyond you’ve all gone. That’s it for the hill challenge for a wee while so pour yourself a dram and rest the legs now, especially you Rebecca Bateman, sorry to hear about your knee!

Scores on the doors. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone off the list.

Marty Barnfield 6735ft

Claire Barlow 6470

Anthony Boardman 6080

Gemma Vare 5825

Lesley Taphouse 5791

Jane Stedman 5538

Julie Oxenham 4951

Tom Sparkes 4506

Becky Bateman 4490

Michael Reed 4457

Ian Ringer 4127

We should definitely do a trip like this in real life. I’m happy to volunteer for the organising committee! (Tom Sparkes)

Ben Nevis is on! 4436ft this week.

In the excitement of yesterday’s medley I totally forgot to do a Scafell Pike roundup. A classic Lakeland fell, steep and rocky, and a crowded chaos on bank holiday weekends, hopefully the virtual version was a bit quieter! Now grab a herdwick for a souvenir and its back to the minibus, we’ll have to sneak over the border into Scotland! Marty and Lesley claim the top prizes again, but massive well done everyone, there’s not many of us still going now!

Marty Barnfield 5692ft

Lesley taphouse 5514

Claire Barlow 5446

Gemma Vare 5002

Chris Madeley 4500

Ian Ringer 4213

Rebecca Bateman 3917

Tom Sparkes 3649

Mike Reed 3250

Julie Oxenham 3106

The record for a run up and down Ben Nevis currently stands at 1h 25mins, unbroken since 1984. Good luck, it’s the last push and don’t forget your compass for getting off the top!

Sorry if I’ve missed anyone out. Latecomers welcome for this final week…

(Tom Sparkes)

Team Medley: 17 May 2020

Vintage photos of first man to break a 4-minute mile -

“The medley relay is for some tactical racing fun and to have a laugh! The main event is the tactical trophy so each event counts. Points allocated depending on your finishing place (1 point for quickest time, 2 points for 2nd quickest time) for the event and the winning team then has the lowest Overall score. This way you can’t win by just putting your fastest runner out on the half marathon while the rest of the team socially distance on a park bench with a drink!! Remember stay alert and only run when it’s safe ” (Phil Dawber)

The teams:

1: Jane Stephens. Stephen Woodard. Dan Cox. Nicky Brenton.

2: Chris Madeley. Martin Pipet. Kerri Rowe. Claire Barlow.

3: Julie Oxenham. Andy Vosper. Katrina Verran. Phil Dawber.

4: Dee Smith. Marty Barnfield. Helen Stevenson. Ritchie Richardson.

5: Rebecca Bateman. Lisa Hawke. Vicki Sparkes. Martin Morgan.

6: Jules Atherton. Jane Stedman. John Tilley. Tom Sparkes.

7: Sean Taylor. Damian Philp. Lesley Taphouse. Gemma Vare.

8: Ian Ringer. Andrew Ross. Julie Hewitt. Craig Welch.

The Medley relay took place between 8am and 8pm on Sunday 17th May. Teams of 4, with one runner from each team running either 1 mile, 5k, 10k or a half marathon). Competing for 2 virtual trophies. One for the lowest combined time of all events, but the more prized award was the “tactical trophy”.

There was a lot of excitement on the day with the first time a 1 mile blast and in under 6 minutes!! CCTV footage was checked for the use of roller skates!

As the runners posted some fantastic times, it became clear that there were some fantastic runs with personal bests being smashed. Phil gave a live update at 3.30pm with final score football style at 8pm. Gripping stuff

Scores on the doors as follows:-

1 mile

1pt Dan Cox 5:29

2pt Tom Sparkes 5:38

3pt Damian Philp 5:55

4pt Martin Pipet 6:12 PB

5pt Katrina Verran 7:22 PB

6pt Lisa Hawke 8:10 PB

7pt Craig Welch 8:12 PB

8pt Ritchie Richardson 8:19

1pt Andy Vosper 21:47 PB

2pt Vicki Sparkes 22:10

3pt Claire Barlow 24:49 PB

4pt Sean Taylor 26:15 PB

5pt Stephen Woodard 26:45 (socially isolating on a treadmill)

6pt Dee Smith 28:06

7pt Julie Hewitt 28:40

8pt Jules Atherton 32:40


1pt Phil Dawber 38:11

2pt Chris Madeley 44:57

3pt Andrew Ross 46:49

4pt Rebecca Bateman 51:59

5pt Nicky Brenton 56:22

6pt Helen Stephenson 56:24

7pt John Tilley 63:15

8pt Lesley Taphouse 67:36

Half Marathon

1pt Marty Barnfield 1:43:48

2pt Kerri Rowe 1:51:09

3pt Jane Stedman 1:51:51

4pt Martin Morgan 1:54:33

5pt Julie Oxenham 2:00:49 PB

6pt Gemma Vare 2:04:31

7pt Jane Stephens 2:04:40

8pt Ian Ringer 2:49

Tactical Trophy / Team Points

Team 8 25

Team 7 21 joint 6th place

Team 4 21 joint 6th place

Team 6 20

Team 1 18

Team 5 16 3rd

Team 3 12 2nd

Team 2 11 1st

Team Times

Team 8 4:08:41

Team 7 3:44:17

Team 6 3:33:24

Team 1 3:33:16

Team 5 3:16:52

Team 4 3:16:37 3rd

Team 3 3:08:11 2nd

Team 2 3:07:07 1st

Peaky Blinders: Snowden

Well done hill running team, that’s Snowdon done. Bumped into this group of lads larking about at the top, not sure what they were singing about… and Claire claim this weeks King and Queen of the Mountain prizes. Well done you two!

Antony Boardman 6069ft

Marty Barnfield 5734

Ian Ringer 5044

Claire Barlow 4632

Gemma Vare 4564

Lesley Taphouse 3835

Becky Bateman 2949

Tom Sparkes 2818

Chris Madeley 2546

Andrew Ross 2546

A quick hop up the M6 to Cumbria, ask for directions from a local and then knock off 3245ft to get up up and down Scafell Pike, the highest point in England. The good news is that there’s a great pub at the bottom for refuelling, I’d love a pint in a beer garden at the moment! Wrap up, its cold on the tops this week…

3 Peaky Blinders

Photo by Michael Reed

I need to feel epic and hit the hills again so am going to try and do the National 3 Peaks over the next 3 weeks. Heading up Snowdon this week (by Sunday) if anyone wants to tag along.

Week 1: Snowdon 2510 ft ascent

Week 2: Scafell Pike 3245ft ascent

Week 3: Ben Nevis 4436 ft ascent

Tom Sparkes

Lockdown: Week 6

Highlight of the week has been the Lockdown Relay with some impressive times. Well done everyone.

Lesley Taphouse and Marty Barnfield have been spurred on by Toms excellent 3 Peaks Challenge and covered the “Most mileage ever in one month, and most elevation”

Lesley’s Stats for April

Bys Vicken events continue to inspire with Laps on Lockdown. This week Phil Dawber and Craig Welch took part.

Fran Vosper cut Nic’s hair and could have found a new career

Jacky Tyler dressed her dog up a pirate Jess

No photo description available.

Mike Reed is preparing for “Sparkys’ up hill down dale 3 Big Peak-y-blinders time!”

Bluebell Bliss – a gallery of lockdown bluebell runs. Fun fact – almost half the world’s bluebells are found in the UK, they’re relatively rare in the rest of the world

Lockdown Relay Results

The results are in, amazing running everybody, but there has to be a winner. Team 3, you are the Lockdown relay champions!

I’ve written a quick race report. You’ve got to play Chariots of Fire as background music while you read it for ultimate drama!

Thanks for joining in everyone

We’ve also raised £220 for charity! Team 3 have chosen to donate their winnings to all of the charities involved in the 2.6 challenge, through the Charities Aid Foundation (Registered Charity Number 268369).

Final Results:

Race Report and organisation by Tom Sparkes

The BRR Lockdown 10K Team Relay. Sunday 3rd May 8am to 8pm.

Next week, as a break from the hills how about a week focusing more on speed, culminating in a virtual race on Sunday 3rd May. Don’t worry if you’re not feeling as fast as you’d want to be, it’s more about being part of a club event.

If you’d like to join in, let us know, then before Sunday 3rd, we’ll assign you to a team of 3 or 4 (depending upon numbers). Everyone will then go out at some point between 8am and 8pm and run 10km as fast and as safely as you can. We’ll combine the times, and the team with the fastest combined time wins the race.

· Try and choose a relatively flat and quiet 10km route near where you live. Do laps if need be.

· Talk to your team mates to make sure you’re running at different times of day so we’re not all out running at the same time.

· Race rules apply, no headphones for your safety.

· Please keep to social distancing rules

· Send us your times for your 10k segment before 8pm.

· We won’t advertise the teams until afterwards to add an air of mystery and so folks don’t know who’s running with who (unless they’re in your team).

· Prizes for the top teams, it could be you!

Get involved!

Tom Sparkes

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Lockdown 10K big reveal. You’ve made the team!

After careful consideration and independent adjudication from the coaches, we’ve picked 6 teams of 6 runners each.

If you’ve been missed out, let me know. Also if you won’t be able to run a 10k on Sunday after all, let us know and we can try and find a sub. 4 sleeps til race day..


Chris Madeley

Clare Mckee

Dee Smith

Gemma Vare

Marty Barnfield

Tony Martindale


Claire Barlow

Fran Vosper

John Tilley

Kerri Rowe

Ritchie Richardson

Tom Sparkes


Andrew Ross

Damian Philip

Jane Stedman

Jane Stephens

Katrina Verran

Steve Alsop


Anthony Boardman

Julie Oxenham

Lesley Taphouse

Michael Reed

Phil Dawber

Vicki Sparkes


Helen Stevenson

Martin Morgan

Martin Pipet

Nic Vosper

Nicky Brenton

Rachel Wilsher


Craig Welch

Emma Stephens

Gail Hartill

Jacky Tyler

Lisa Hawke

Louise Richardson

Eeh by gum: Lockdown Week 5

Highlight of the week has been the culmination of the 3 Peaks Challenge

Not the London Marathon

Julie Oxenham “today I should have been running the London marathon, so to mark the occasion I do “not the London marathon “ and cycled the distance with hubby instead. “

Claire Barlow devised a beautiful Bodmin Marathon

Mike Reed and Rachael Wilsher both ran ‘the not doing the Madrid Marathon run’ on Sun (postponed to Nov). So 20m Sat & 6m Sun, mainly off road & well leafy, great crack no one about on 7m of St.s Way! 🥵👍


Martin Pipet has run everyday including another notaparkrunparkrun and 5k for £5 NHS run

From Jane Stephens, another notaparkrunparkrun then home via the solar farm!

Laps on Lockdown saw Daniel Cox, Dee Smith, Katrina Verran, Lesley Taphouse and Julie Oxenham, bag some new medals.

Louise Richardson spotted a zebra

Image may contain: outdoor

Andrew Ross won the Steve Allsop Trophy with his calf busting ” 7 times up Pound Lane and 8 times up Crinnicks! From College Rd “

Kerri Rowe ran 5k for the NHS run for heroes with Ellie. Tom & Casey on their bikes. 👍

Jacky Tyler finished painting the bathroom and laying the floor tiles

Phil Dawber ran up a big hill

John Tilly has been jogging through the woods in Camelford

Craig Welch got musical on a walk!

Gail Hartil “Tried to do a marathon but ended up just doing 20miles. This was me going past my sister’s house at lanivet. It was great to see my niece and nephew. X Oh and stopped and sang happy birthday to some random little girl on her doorstep with her granny and watched her blow out her candles. 😁 “

For Ian Ringer “Today is day 40 of “run every day during lockdown”. (Some lockdown!)”

Jules Atherton has been doing yoga and gardening

Fran Vosper made a flowerpot man and then took us all on a virtual run

The Road to Nowhere by Fran Vosper

With the restrictions fully in place I thought the running bard would submit the run that never happened.

25 runners turned up and those that didn’t weren’t there.
Ians map was upside down or inside out
It made no difference
as we didn’t go to the coast or to the moors.
The weather didn’t happen,
a still nothing hung in the air.

Gail and Billy didn’t have hangovers
and did not run like banshees
towards the setting sun
for last orders

When we ran past Barnies
Fran treated us all to cake!
The pub next door served free beers
and England won the World Cup.

The afternoon didn’t see Phil or anybody else
lead us in search of Brown Willy
or Roughtor on top of boggy hills
and every pair of trainers stayed spotlessly clean
excepts for the grizzlies.

Martin didn’t lose his way
to a remote VW camper
serving hot teas, and coffee
Coloured pencils and charactures .

The two Karen’s yacked all the way
Zoe was unusually quiet and Jules had nothing to say
Andy V wasn’t late and even Alan didn’t come
Emma ran like the wind whilst Dee huffed and puffed

Dan went insane, and Kerri didn’t fall
Becky and Steph left their hats at home
And the Temples and Richardson’s
came back for more

we all missed the run
Andrew and Tom said it was the best run
they had never been on.

Stay safe people