This week for speed endurance;Mark out a 400m route or 0.25 of a mile for us using old money (flattish if at all possible )Do a 10 min warm up consisting of some gentle running plus some drills (high knees, heels to butt etc) plus some strides to get your body ready for the speeds you are about to ask it to do.Main session is 10 x 400m at as fast as you can manage with a 200m recovery jog in between, by the end of the 200m your breathing should have returned to a steady pace ready to go again. Aim of the game is consistency so try do do the same time for every one of those 400m exertions. You should be out of breath at the end of each 400 but not to the point of being sick


.Cool down after for 10 mins and try to remember to stretch (Becky 10.1.21)

Good evening everyone, I’m sure you’ve all been listening intently to Boris , so we are back to lockdown and running should be done locally with members of your household OR one other person. I encourage everyone to stick to the rules and hopefully this will be over soon. Take care of yourselves , if anyone needs a bit of company please post on the club facebook page and I’m sure someone will step up.

(Becky 4th January 2021)


Club training is typically a technical hill, speed session on a Tuesday, a steady 3-5-8 mile club run on a Thursday depending on what folks want to do, and Sunday mornings for the longer distance training.  Keep your eyes on the events calendar for any changes to plans.

Tuesday, 7 pm – we usually meet in Morrisons Car Park, Bodmin. 

Thursday – 7 pm – we usually meet in Morrisons Car Park, Bodmin.

Sunday – 8:30 am, location TBC. 

Please check the current training rota (because we often meet elsewhere)  and the club facebook pages for any last minute changes.


March 2020 Training Rota:Training Rota March20 (1)

Feb 2020 Training Rota: TrainingFEB20

January 2020 Training Rota: TrainingJan20 

December 2019 Training Rota : Training Rota Dec19

November 2019 Training Rota: Training Rota Nov19

October 2019 Training Rota: Training_Rota_Oct19 (1)

September 2019 training rota Leaders and Training Rota Sept 19



Part of belonging to a club is to have access to help and encouragement in order to improve your running ability. This may come from other members, the Run Leaders or from me, your coach.

The primary role for a coach is to train members for peak performance, of whatever abilty. This comes from helping club members learn and practice the skills of running. This may include general advice on running fitness; managing form; mental toughness, injury prevention and management. It may be done as part of a group or, specifically for an individual.

There are many and varying needs within the club group. You may be a beginner and need advice on how to start a running programme, or an established athlete who is training for a specific event. Many people are between the two and want overall guidance for their running.

Whatever your needs, a discussion about what you want to achieve is important. It is often the case that runners just run without much thought of goals. The coaches’ role is to help with these goals – remember:


Knowledge of how your body works is an essential part of being an athlete. This doesn’t need to be highly technical (although it could be if that’s what is wanted). Rather, the principles in running of energy systems, physiology, psychology, diet and nutrition can help you perform better. Coaching includes this. The compiling of training programmes is included too. Incorporated in the role of the coach are athlete welfare, safe practice and helping members to overcome particular difficulties. This can be confidential if necessary.

Most introductions to running recommend you keep a training diary, one of the easier ways of doing this is by recording your runs via a GPS watch or even on your phone, have a chat with other club members for recommendations, Garmin seems very popular.

Finally, the mentoring and development of Run Leaders and prospective coaches is an important part of the growth of the club and the coach will play a part in this.

Part of your membership fee is to pay for coaching help and advice. Please use Ian as much as you can. Its what he is there for. Catch him on a training session or use the contact details below.

Happy running.

Ian Ringer  |  BRR Coach  |