Although we’re a pretty easy going bunch, we do have the odd rule or two, just to make sure we all get along swimmingly, and to comply with EA affiliation guidance.

You can download the member handbook document here.

Benefits of Membership 

Joining BRR couldn’t be any easier, just turn up and give it a go. You can run with us for a couple of weeks to see if group running is your thing, with no obligation to join. If you feel that BRR or running as a group isn’t what you were looking for then we will wish you the best with your solo pursuits.

If however, you find you enjoy the club atmosphere, then you can sign up and become a permanent member.

The club is affiliated with England Athletics, so members will have a personal affiliation number and be affiliated to the club. This affiliation amongst other things entitles you to the discounted rate of most races, and also covers you for insurance whilst out running with the club.

Also included in the membership is a small one off subscription charge to help cover the cost or running the club. The current annual membership is £36 per year, running from 01st April and renewable annually.

As well as being part of an enthusiastic organisation, club membership also gains you several benefits as well. Including:

Training nights
As you will possibly have seen elsewhere, we offer a wide range of training nights with something to suit everyone.

The club has a growing number of coaches, they are more than willing to help you achieve your personal goals.

Race discounts
As a member you can enter races and claim the affiliated discount. Over the course of a year’s membership this can prove to be a substantial amount. Many sports stores, including our own Sport Shop Bodmin, will give members a 10% discount.

Club website
Featuring lots more information about the club, training, racing and all manner of running related links. This is the place to go to find out all you need.

Social events
Throughout the year the club arranges several social events to which all members are welcome.

A selection of clothing is available to members. For racing purposes you will need to purchase a club colours running vest. Tee shirts and club jackets are also available to order. Ask a committee member for further details.

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