Running Events Devon Marathon

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Thanks to Jane Stedman for use of the photo

Another weekend of running for Jane Stedman who completed Running Events Devon’s inaugural marathon in 04:32 in highly humid conditions. Well done Jane

Tywardreath Trotter

Claire, Lesley, John and Julie (thanks to Julie for the photo)

Bleddy lovely race last evening. It was good to be racing again. All the old favourites: heat, crowds, hugs, struggles down stony tracks and lots of laughs. Well done BRR peeps. It was good fun (Ian)


0:48:13 Chris MADELEY, Chris 20th position overall

1:09:29 Julie OXENHAM 162

1:14:13 Claire BARLOW 195

1:16:45 Ian RINGER 211

1:20:02 John TILLEY 227

1:28:00 Lesley TAPHOUSE 248

Exe Estuary marathon

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Another weekend of running for Jane Stedman; this weekend it was the Exe Estuary marathon “5.11-lovely, very picturesque route and brilliantly organised.” Well done Jane

Hope 24

Thanks to AG Images/Hope Trail Festival for the use of the above photos

Hope 24 is part of the Hope Trail Festival and is a “24 hour relay on a 5 mile trail course. Open to solo runners or teams of 2-8”. There’s also a 12 hour relay on the 5 mile trail course (Hope 12) and a 1.5 mile course open to children under 16 (Hope Kids). Incentives are given for charity fundraising. This year hope 24 partnered with Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team


Craig Welch 35 miles (7 laps in 22:33)

Sharon Hambly 30 miles (6 laps in 12:09:07)

Lesley Taphouse 15 miles (3 laps in 4:19)

William Calloway 15 miles (3 Laps in 4:50:29

Big shout out to Craig’s son Jack who completed Hope Kids in 18 minutes

Full results (copy and paste the link):

Ham & Lyme 50k

Well done to Jane Stedman, who enjoyed a giggle while completing the Ham & Lyme 50k with Martin Draper.

“30.5 miles with 3600 feet ascent. Gorgeous off road route”

Club Run Cardinham 1 July

Great to see so many BRR’s yesterday evening for our little reunion! Three groups, hard work and good conversation, let’s keep up the attendance and start growing again (Dominic)