Proper Job to all who showed up & finished the Scuttler today, we all looked like wet xtras from Pirates of Penzance!  Bleeeeeeeedyy loved it, despite the torrents, mucky, gnarly, granity, bog hopping off road madness! I’m now slightly pissed on the Rum (Mike)

Rachael Wilsher 3:05:38

Rebecca Palmer 3:17:40

Kerri Rowe 3:24:03

Zoe Buse 3:25:03

Mike Reed 3:25:09

Julie Oxenham 3:29:54

Fran Vosper 3:30:46

Nic Vosper

David Bidgway 3:39:15

Craig Welch 3:55:08

Katrina Verran 3:55:11

Claire Barlow 4:10:40

Dee Smith 4:28:51

Jules Atherton 5:00:41

Full results :

Organised by Bys Vyken Events, the Scuttler is a half marathon from Lands End to Cape Cornwall and back again.

Athletes!!! Katrina, Dave and Craig