Kerri Well what can I say. That was probably the hardest thing I have ever done! Phoenix 24 – run 1 mile every hour for 24 hours. Sounds easy right? In total I ran 27.59 miles in 4hrs & 14 minutes (moving time). I felt absolutely great until the dark and rain came in and everyone else was tucked up in bed. I suddenly felt very lonely running the lanes in the dark. The only company I had was my faithful pup Bailey. Themed miles: Mile 7: Family mile (although we did it at mile 6. )Mile 12: Sprint Mile 13: Booze mile. Mile 17: Fancy Dress. Mile 24: Breakfast mile. Massive thank you to those who came and ran a few miles with me at various times throughout the day. It really was appreciated. Julie Oxenham, Helen Stevenson, Francis Vosper and my 3 gorgeous children. Will I do it again? Probably not! Great event but I’m so glad it’s done (Kerri Rowe)

Race Report and Photos by Kerri Rowe

Claire On Saturday at 8am Kerri Rowe and I started (separately) the Phoenix 24 which is a virtual running event where you have to run 1 mile on the hour every hour for 24 hours. I think we found it pretty tough when our families had gone to bed and it was dark, Kerri continued running her route outside with her dog and I reverted to the treadmill. Once daylight appeared we gave it a final push for the last few hours. We more than completed our goals at 8 am on Sunday morning feeling ready for bed. Kerri went for the marathon and got 27.59 miles which is amazing and I was going for a marathon but seeing I have an ultra coming up I pushed and got 30.75 miles 😁 I’ve done the p12 before and that was tough enough. We both feel very proud of what we have achieved and probably won’t be doing it again

Race Report and photos by Claire Barlow

Fantastic effort, well done Claire and Kerri and thanks to their crew as well.