We are hugely disappointed to inform you that, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Trevornick 10k will NOT be held in May this year. We will however, be keeping the race ‘under review’ and may consider putting it on in the Autumn – so please ‘watch this space’. Failing that, it will once again be rolled-over to next year, probably May 2022.
If you had already registered for the 2020 race (and haven’t received a refund), your entry will be automatically carried forward. However, if you want to cancel your registration, please request a full refund before 31st May 2021 by sending an email to: entries@newquayroadrunners.co.uk, using “REFUND” as the subject. Please include the following information:
. full name
. club name
. race number (where possible)
. bank account number
. bank sort code
. name on account
It is obviously with a heavy heart that we have arrived at this decision, but we find ourselves in unprecedented times and feel very strongly that the club has to act responsibly. Let’s hope we see an improving situation over the next few months. As Arnie would say, “we will be back!”

Regards,Glyn.Newquay Road Runners chair@newquayroadrunners.co.uk