3 Peaks Challenge: Results

So we’ve done it, we’ve all staggered off of the hill(s) and into the Golden Lion Pub in Horton in Ribblesdale. After Marty Barnfield’s efforts on the hill today, he’s feeling on top of the world and after one pint is offering to fight anyone in the pub. Let’s be avving yer! Stefan Palmer is so tired he’s made the terrible decision of starting a strip poker competition with the locals.  Jane Stedman on the other hand is bringing some Cornish culture to Yorkshire, belting out sea shanties from atop the bar that would make the Fisherman’s Friends blush. What a couple of weeks.

The King of the Mountain pants have been claimed by Marty this week. 7000ft of ascent, he ran up Ingleborough 3 times, nutter. In these times when we’re not really allowed to go to the pub he also wins this virtual Yorkshire homebrew kit. Enjoy!

After a close race, Andrew Ross stole the Steve Allsop prize from Steve himself, in the last hours of daylight. 2600ft in 9.5miles. Good effort Andrew You win a signed photo of Steve Allsop #fake#therealsteveallsop.

Full credit to Lesley Taphouse who took no prisoners on this one and claims the overall King of the Mountain Title across the 3 weeks with a grand total of 19,076ft when she only needed to do 5890ft! In honour of this, the people of Yorkshire have renamed Whernside, Mount Lesley. Very generous. You’ll receive a special KOM sticker on your certificate!

Anyway, massive well done to everyone who took part and gave the Virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks a bash. Even if you didn’t win one of these fantastic virtual awards, you’re all still legendary virtual fell runners. Thanks for coming along, I’ve really enjoyed myself anyway! I’ll be sending you all a highly prized and unofficial Y3Peaks certificate. Between the 29 of us we’ve clocked up over 76,000m of climbing over 3 weeks, the same as climbing up Shispare, the 38th highest mountain in the world ten times. Or keeping it local, 2200 reps of Crinnicks Hill!

Have a week off from the hills (if you want to!) and if folks want more of the same, there are plenty more virtual hills out there. Rebecca Bateman did suggest a virtual Bob Graham Round (a famous challenge in the Lake District), although I’m not sure if she realised this would involve 26,000 feet of ascent!

This week’s scores on the doors in ft. Now, who’s got the keys to the minibus??

Marty Barnfield 7561

Lesley Taphouse 6948

Jane Stedman 6391

Claire Balow 6046

Gemma Vare 5010

Ian Ringer 4274

Jane Stephens 3635

Steve Allsop 3592

Stuart Thomson 3550

Chris Madeley 3386

Katrina Veran 3258

Becky Bateman 3022

Damian Philip 2982

Julie Oxenham 2887

Phil Dawber 2828

Louise Richardson 2680

Helen Stevenson 2672

Andrew Ross 2651

Nicky Brenton 2588

Stef Palmer 2569

Tom Sparkes 2562

Dee Smith 2417

Kerri Rowe 2363

Emma Stephens 2328

Nichola Sinclair 1729

Martyn Prouse 1606

Once again, apologies if I’ve got any of this wrong!

Race report and organisation by Tom Sparkes

Isolation Motivation: Week 4

Craig Welch and his family created their own strava tribute to the NHS

Fran Vosper shared a heartwarming video in his role as chairman during these difficult times. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BRRevents/permalink/2753998118059160/

Phil Dawber and Rebecca Bateman are continuing the live Tuesday Facebook strength and conditioning sessions. Tune in for Becky’s drills session on 28th April

Laps on Lockdown Continue:

Well down to Jane Stephens for completing a “hot, hilly, loopy and never far from home marathon”

More Virtual Insanity from Jacky Tyler (and her three and four legged friends) and Claire Barlow

Jane Stedman has continued to delight us with photos of Bodmin Moor.

“Rare white bluebells seen on the first beastly hill that I hit once I leave my house —-👌🏽 “


Team Temple “completed another non park run – variation on the theme hill rep relays today. So miss the Park Run, it is going to be so weird when things eventually return to perhaps a new normal, perhaps a better one”?

Martin Pipet went out for a notaparkrunparkrun

Craig Welch and Katrina Verran have been having a lot of fun naming new Strava Segments. Can you spot where Craigs been airing his dirty linen in public?

Helen Stevenson ran to Luxulyan valley for a “rerun of the Eden half “

Zoe Buse went for an early morning run with Bella who made some friends

Dee Smiths been out on the coastpath again

Claire Barlow has “been finding lots of hills around the back lanes near where I live for Tom’s 3 peaks challenge”

Gail Hartil‘s Ankle has “been playing me up so had to get the rusty bike out instead and ride to Wadebridge and back”.

Jacky Tyler heard a cuckoo on Bodmin Moor

Damian Philp has been taking the Hills of Hell to new extremes and sharing his love of running and teapot collections on you tube.

Katrina Verran ran an NHS 5K

No photo description available.

Everyone is out searching for the steepest hills they can find to complete the Toms Sparke’s 3 Peaks Challenge.

Fran Vosper took us all out for a bluebell run

BLUEBELL WOODS in Northwest England - YouTube

The Bluebell Run

Ok guys and gals as we are we faced with where to run
I thought I’d invite you all to run virtually with Nic and I as we run through our wonderful countryside.

Read it slow as the pace is gentle but if you do get ahead of us just loop back.

Watches set and we’re off out the door
Down pass the white clock
Running down Jubilee Terrace
Where once the old hospital Kendall Block
Overlooked the Ranco steel tube factory
Gone now.

A quick bimble through the old hospital grounds
Where I can still imagine the hustle and bustle of Fosters block and hall.
Across Boundary Lane and down towards the sleepy St Lawrence
Which in days gone by was a lepers colony
And the eventual Asylums name for St Lawrence’s Hospital
Both gone now

Up a bugger of a hill, short, sharp shock.
Makes your bum hang out, keep going nearly at the top.
Phew, wobbly legs will settle soon
A nice gentle down hill bit to catch your breath
Straight over the crossroads
Looking for the footpath on the left

Here it is across the field and into Bluebell Woods
It’s lovely here, the ground almost wall to wall bluebells
Ferns, crooked gnarled trees, one of a few ancient woods
We will run through today
The pace as slackened as we take in the tranquility
Loop back if you will, I’m savouring the moment

Down from the wood and into Lamorrick
Along the main road and into Lanivet
Turning sharp left before the church
Up a nasty drag pass the cemetery
Still going up, (walking now) Nic ain’t
And a left turn up another sharp nip

Thank goodness it’s levelled out
It’s even turned kind rolling gently down the lane
Jim’s hardware store appears on the distant left
Whilst to the right Bodmin spirals with new builds
Adjacent to the not so new hospital ironically in the old
St Lawrence Hospital grounds.

Turning right pass a granite farm house with a name I can no longer read
Towards Pengellys Organic Farm and rich smells
The hedges adorned with the aforementioned bluebells
Primroses, buttercups, campions, and pretty little white blossoms.
The old dog wonders out to greet us but our attention
Is drawn by the nasty looking collie all teeth and snarl
So i let Nic off her lead and he ran away ha ha

Turn right and up Blowinghouse Lane, if you’ve not done it before
This is a steep devil, run, walk, run, walk, sod it
Stop, stretch, dig in, Keep going it has to plateau out
At the top, phew, fab views across the ploughed fields,
Evidence of farmers busy planting, growing, waiting for harvest.
I saw a pheasant, and an ostrich lolling in a field.
Ha ha an Ostrich just wondering if you’re still with us.

Rooks, pigeons, blackbirds, big birds little birds
Circling buzzard, hope it’s not a vulture
Horses, cows, no sheep tho, turn left,
And for all you Rainbow Warriors
No plastic carrier bags, McDonalds packaging, Costa coffee cups
Lockdown has some advantages for the countryside.
Legs tired now as we run pass another ancient woodland
East of Tregullon up, yes always up towards Tretoil.

Hanger left and Down, oh the pleasure of down,
Down through Tregullon and its centenary plaque
Pass my old Auntie Hilda’s cottage where Andy and I used to stay
Did you know that there is an old tin mine
Hidden in the moor between Tregullon and the Lanhydrock golf course
Andy and I Used to cycle out and play there till we got chased away lol.

Turn left again and down, whoop whoop still down
Alongside another ancient wood towards Trekillick Farm
And the dry ford, up and over to Crazy Al’s and Kirlands
Iron railed bridge and the worse up of all
Thank god it nearly over crawling pass the beautiful Rose Cottage
And ever up, walking again, just want to finish, need water

(it’s nigh on a mile from Kirlands bridge to the beacon monument)
Stopping at the fields behind the beacon looking back at where we have been
Always a pleasure, such a view
And today’s ideal conditions simply fabulous,
wish I took some water tho

The final lanes around the beacon, a few people, and a man with a stick?
Lots of green, different greens, leaves, grass, foliage, drying moss.
Nearly home, 9 miles
But glad we done it.
Hope you enjoyed our company.

Final leg of the Virtual 3 Peaks: Ingleborough 2356ft

Its the final leg of the Virtual 3 Peaks. Ingleborough. 2356ft by 8pm on Sunday please.

As an extra challenge, the Steve Allsop Prize will be awarded to the person getting to the top in the least amount of miles. After that you can go as far as you like. So once you make the 2356ft, let us know how many miles you’ve done it in.

After that it will be the chase for the King of the Mountain Prize (max ascent).

Lets see some hills selfies please!

This section is stunning. Its almost 1500 ft downhill to the valley and Chapel-le-dale and then 1500ft back up to the summit of Ingleborough. From the valley it’s a steady uphill from the road over some world class limestone pavement, and then a killer climb up past Mere gill on some quad busting stone pitched path all the way to the top. After that its a 4.5 mile dash back to Horton in Ribblesdale, pretty much all downhill. You’re nearly home, see you in the pub before last orders. God bless England. You’ve got to run this while singing the hovis theme. I’m not crying, I’ve just got dust in my eye…

Tom Sparkes

3 Peaks Week 2: Whernside

Well the sun’s going down over the Ribble valley and another epic week of fell running in the bag. Well done team, thanks for sticking with it, it’s a long slog across the misty moors and up the hill but you totally aced it. 24 of us made it without too much incident. 86000 feet of climbing between us. That’s like scaling Bodmin beacon 597 times, phew! Any volunteers?

Damian Philp smashed it this week, stealing the King of the Mountain title from Lesley Taphouse by 90ish feet. The cheek of it! Unfortunately the KOM pants are in deep clean after a week with Ian Ringer. On the plus side, I’ve found this excellent glue on mountain moustache and a virtual teapot from the area. Enjoy mate, well earned!

Helen Stevenson wins the People’s Perseverance Prize for forcing herself out again to get up the last 60ft before it got dark. She wins a virtual Yorkshire Terrier called Bingo. Watch him, he’s a bit nippy.

Well enjoy your tipple of choice, do your virtual chest bump with a team mate and we’ll crack on to Ingleborough tomorrow.

Once again, sorry for anyone I’ve missed off the list. My admin doesn’t get any better after a glass of Haywood cider.

Damian Philip 6725

Lesley Taphouse 6600

Marty Barnfield 6157

Jane Stedman 6095

Ian Ringer 4831

Claire Barlow 4573

Chris Madeley 3386

Tom Sparkes 3273

Stuart Thomson 3179

Julie Oxenham 3116

Katrian Verran 2907

Steve Allsop 2890

Kerri Rowe 2677

Rebecca Bateman 2441

Louise Richardson 2421

Nicky Brenton 2420

Phil Dawber 2303

Phil Dawber 2303

Emma Stephens 2267

Andrew Ross 2257

Jane Stephens 2231

Stef Palmer 2158

Dee Smith 2142

Helen Stevenson 2140

Race organisation and report by Tom Sparkes. Thanks to Phil for driving the minibus and Jane for providing the beers.

Virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks Week 2. Whernside.

2067ft of ascent by Sunday please.Everyone did a cracking job getting up the first hill, but we’re not done yet. It’s a long boggy downhill, a flattish bit past the Ribblehead viaduct and then the climb up onto Whernside, the highest point of Yorkshire. No stopping at the ice cream van at the station car park! Saying that if you missed out on week one, there’s nothing stopping you joining in this time.
See if you can claim the king of the hill pants off of Ian Ringer. You’ll have to wrestle them off him. Prizes for the best hill climbing photos too..
https://sandctrust.org.uk/stayatastation/webcams/ribblehead.htm. Who doesn’t love a railway webcam?

Tom Sparkes

It’s Pen–y-ghent week!

444m of ascent this week please if you’re doing the virtual 3 peaks challenge. (if you want to go harder 694 m from sea level to the summit)

We’ve made it to Yorkshire without Phil Dawber crashing the minibus. Ian Ringer had a moment where he realised he was reading the roadmap upside down, but a couple of hundred miles of detours later and we’ve made it!

Pen-y-ghent, probably meaning ‘Hill of Terror’ (or maybe not) is a short sharp run out of Horton in Ribblesdale, the starting point for the challenge. Its only about 2.5 miles to the top but its pretty steep.

Give it your best and we’ll meet at the top. Let us know how many metres of ‘up’ you’ve done by Sunday.

Tom Sparkes

Woop woop! Amazing effort Virtual 3 Peaks team We’ve made it to the top of Pen-y-ghent. The weather’s been phenomenal, the trails have been dry. Jane’s drunk pretty much all the beer but still made it to the top and everyone got slightly carried away! With a team of 23 (a few people haven’t quite made it out of the car park) we’ve pretty much all got to the top and done 20 loop backs to the village between us to pick up the stragglers. Between us we’ve climbed the same as two Everests. Amazing. Anyway, don’t stop now. Do your celebratory handstand then on to week two and Whernside

Not that we’re competing, but here’s the ranking with everyone’s ascent in feet. (Apologies if I’ve missed you off the list or made a mistake). Ian Ringer claims King of the Mountain and gets the honour of wearing the King of the mountain pants for the next stage! Thanks for joining in and looping back everyone.

Ian Ringer 4744 ft

Chris Madeley 4728

Jane Stedman 4570

Marty Barnfield 4310

Damian Philip 4209

Phil Dawber 3701

Tom Sparkes 3184

Stuart Thomson 2844

Kerri Rowe 2678

Emma Stephens 2585

Rebecca Bateman 2428

Jane Stephens 2405

Andrew Ross 2343

Alan Hughes 2284

Nicky Brenton2023

Louise Richardson 1998

Nicola Sinclair 1991

Steve Allsop 1965

Katrina Verra 1661

Stefan Palmer 1608

Dee Smith 1604

Vicki Sparkes 1456

Helen Stevenson 1011 ft

Total 62330 ft

Race Report and Race Organisation by Tom Sparkes

The BRR virtual Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge

While we’re still allowed to run outdoors (but not together!), we thought some folks might appreciate a bit of extra motivation to add some hills to your training. So with the nod from our esteemed coaches, I propose a virtual club trip up north to do the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge over the next 3 weeks in April.

The route is 23 miles long with about 1600m (5249ft) of ascent. The plan is to do it in 3 week stages at our own pace, no one gets left behind! The mileage isn’t that important as I’m sure you’ll cover that. The main thing is to hit the total ascent for each week.

Week 1: Pen-y-ghent: 444m (1457ft) of ascent (equivalent of 1.5 seven hills of hell sessions)

Week 2: Whernside: 630m (2067ft) of ascent

Week 3: Ingleborough 718m (2356ft) of ascent

Comment on the group Facebook Page to say if you want to be part of the 3 peaks team. Then at the end of each week, comment to say how much ascent you’ve done during your training runs and I’ll tot it all up. You can go over the allotted ascent for that week, but as it’s a team effort, any extra ascent will just be loop backs picking up those BRRs still behind!

Maybe use this opportunity to seek out some new (and quiet!) hills. Stay safe, keep to social distancing rules and watch out for cars etc… Let’s see some photos of people toughing out the hills as well…

Personalised certificates for everyone that comes along…oooooohh!

Week one starts tomorrow, Monday 6 April: its Pen-y-ghent week! See you at the top next Sunday!

Tom Sparkes

Lockdown: Week 3

Rebecca Bateman took some time off from perfecting her headstand to lead Tuesday Training from her back garden with a session of running drills plus some coordination and strength. The video is saved on the group Facebook Page.

Martin Pipet was the first BRR to complete Bys Vyken Events’ Laps on Lockdown which involves a run, walk or crawl of 5K, 10K, half or full Marathon, with a minimum of 5 laps in the route. Martin was overtaken by the invisible man and finished second. https://bysvykenevents.vpweb.co.uk/v-i-laps-on-lockdown

Claire Barlow ran 13 times around the block for her Laps on Lockdown challenge, turning round half way. “Ran past the same people several times! First in the age category! First female and 1st Overall! Go me 😅 🥇 whoop whoop! ”

Virtual Insanity Continues: https://bysvykenevents.vpweb.co.uk/v-i-outbreak-edition

Nichola Sinclair‘s doggies are no longer talking to her after a 10.3 mile run

Claire Barlow discovered Tik Tok and went back for third helpings of Virtual Insanity

Lesley Taphouse and Katrina Verran received medals for challenges completed last week

BRRs have been seeking out the hilliest routes they can find this week, as part of Tom Sparkes’ 3 Peaks Challenge. Not difficult to find hilly routes in Cornwall and the BRRs have managed to find some real corkers.

Damian Philp ran “Eleven Hills of Damn Right Stupidity”

From Emma Stephens “Good people of Bodmin, I present to you… THE HELLANDBRIDGE HELLER. The hill to end all hills, almost 2 miles of constant climb. I found this beauty when pondering how to complete Tom’s climbing challenge. Just turn right when you get to Hellandbridge on the Camel trail and keep going all the way to the T junction. You can then turn right again and come back into Bodmin on the old A30. How about giving it a go? I’ve created a segment on Strava. It’s a great time to do it as the lanes would ordinarily be busy with drivers taking the shortcut to Camelford. Happy Easter all 💙”

No photo description available.

Rebecca Bateman did “Lloyds bank steps reps and Crinnicks to really finish me off”

Louise Richardson “count me in. I’ve not got any option but to run hills from my house 😜”

Andrew Ross “did a little prep on Tregullon (Gail’s favourite) yesterday”

Gail Hartill has running the Hills of Hell and found “it’s better in the dark as u don’t see the big hill.” 

In other news

Craig Welch and his son Jack have been working out to Just Dance and doing roly polys down Bodmin Beacon

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-craig.jpg

Stephen Woodard‘s been working on his juggling skills

Jane Stephens has been making pasties

Emma Stephens has been trying to teach Ben Crowle to play the piano

Corunner Virus: the saga continues

Martin Pipet

Second week of lockdown and BRRS are still managing to train and find virtual races to run.

Phil Dawber kicked off the first live socially isolating Tuesday Training with a “Gentle” 30 minute strength and conditioning session. For anyone who couldn’t persuade the kids to turn off ‘Frozen’ or tear themselves away from RuPaul’s Drag Race, the video is saved on the group Facebook page.

Claire Barlow ran a Virtual Weymouth Half Marathon, as well as some more garden running, including a mile up and down the drive, a mile round the house and a mile round the trampoline. Seriously impressive, well done Claire

More Virtual Insanity from Helen Stephenson, Lesley Taphouse, Dee Smith, Katrina Verran, Martin Pipet and Nichola Sinclair. Great to see the club tee shirts getting an outing.

Race Report by Martin Pipet “Today was a good day. Virtual Insanity race completed.

Rocked up for race day feeling a little nervous having not raced in a while.

In my usual style I rushed off at the start a little fast and got an early lead which I luckily managed to maintain to the end to take 1st place to rapturous silent applause from the invisible crowd.

Some definite firsts for me today:
1st overall
1st male
1st in my age category
Longest distance ran this year 🙂🙂

Perfectly organised race, plenty of parking, large choice of refreshments at the 0.13 mile mark, wonderful silent encouragement from the invisible marshals and an easy to self navigate route, would highly recommend ”

An impressive set of podiums there Martin!

Ian Ringer has been running every day, and found some new footpaths for when we get back to club runs. Ian’s been missing the company and fun, we all know that feeling Ian.

The Temple Family ( Ian, Alison, Jo and Sian) did a ‘personal parkrun’ around the school field.

Zoe Buse has been enjoying the sunrise and views during her early morning runs

Jane Stephens did a “not the Marathon des Sables parkrun.” Hopefully Jane will be able to run the real deal this September

Craig Welch’s mate Adam, “who I met up with at the Grizzly just ran a marathon in the tower block he lives in! 852 flights of stairs! ” We are all looking forward to Craig emulating this in his freshly painted hallway. In the meantime, Craig ” broke the world record for most flies swallowed over a 5k distance…”

Craig after his protein packed meal

Jane and John Stedman have been getting out on the moor and sharing daily photos.

Kerrie Parker took her grizzly out for a slow 4 miler. Fantastic to see you recovered so quickly Kerrie, from what may or may not have been Corona.

Gemma Vare has been out for a few 10ks

Danial Cox has doing some sprint training.

Phil Dawber managed to complete a garden Parkrun whilst being chased by children armed with water pistols!

Vicki and Tom Sparkes did a Saturday 5k time trial, taking it in turns to be on the bike with son Barney. “The run was fine (normal Sat morning pain fest) but I’d never ridden with chubby Barney on the back so the bike back while Tom ran, was more of a challenge. Not Parkrun but similar enough to give a bit of Saturday purpose”!

John Tilley has been getting back to fitness after an injury in January, by getting on the road bike and rowing machine

Marty Barnfield has been exploring some of the country lanes around Bodmin and enjoying the good weather.

Julie Oxenham ran a half marathon -“just went out, non intentional but the weather was nice and it was peaceful, so I kept going.”

Nicky Brenton ran 11 miles – “A slow up and downer, but so lovely to be out in the beautiful sunshine”

Fran and Nic Vosper ran a laundry cottage and solar panels 7.5 mile loop. Fran composed an Ode to mark the occasion

Great effort all round. Well done BRRs

Pandemic Round Up

“Run for your mind not your body” (Jane Stephens)

Bodmin Road Runners are keeping up their fitness levels and running mojos in some inventive and crazy ways.

Ian Temple didn’t make it to the Prague half marathon, instead “made the best of things with a gorgeous half to Padstow and back.” Well done on the PB Ian.

Kerri Rowe exhausted her dogs and children with a garden Parkrun

Zoe Buse ran Bys Vyken Events’ Virtual Insanity 10K

Claire Barlow, Julie Oxenham and Katrina Verran all successfully completed a second Virtual Insanity 10k.

Damian Philp ran 8 miles in an impressive 66 minutes and is working on some new dance moves.
Nichola Sinclair is managing to combine exercising her dogs with a run

John Tilly has been doing some cross training with indoor rowing and cycling down moorland lanes.

Rachel Wilsher and her son are working on their garden handstands

Fran and Nic, and Becky and Stef are fortunate to live with their running partners. Other BRRs have spotted lycra buddies out running and shared a distant wave.

Ian Ringer has been “Running every day – away from people (if you see what I mean).”

Gail Hartill doesn’t have a modern phone to listen to music on and has been pumping out Radio 2 from her old ghetto blaster on her shoulder.

Andrew Ross “ran the jail loop last night and saw Billy running the opposite way….lovely and quiet. This weather is a bonus!”

Mike Reed has also been out ‘fat tyre’ing’. “W/B local woodlands & bridleways/single tracks 4 me though! Epic birdsong out ‘n’ about!” 

Craig Welch and his son Jack have been working out to Joe Wicks in their PJs.

Fran Vosper found his muse and composed an ode to our favourite Parkrun

The run


Chilly dry morning, long sleeves, short sleeves?
Trail or road shoes? runners all shapes and sizes
Smiley happy faces, long worried faces
Race brief, dogs barking, people chatting
Hands up, national trust.
3 2 1 go

Congested start, lots of legs, many colours
First corner running quicker, thinning out
Breathing hard, feeling good
First hill, too fast, bloody hill
Lean in to it, keep going, near the top
Morning marshal

Sweating, eyes sting, legs like lead
Down hill, very bumpy, lots of gravel
Tree roots, slippy mud, shiny stones
Woodlands, bluebells, wild daffs
primroses, giant ferns
Mary’s Crossroads

The river high, running fast, wish I was
Slowing down, being passed
Breathing hard gulping air, why do I do this?
Keep going you’re half way round
come on you can do this!
Morning Mary

Pass the cottages and up the drive
The scary dolls are back, watching, staring
Run ten walk ten run ten walk ten run
It’s steeper than last week, sharp right, muddy gate
It looks down hill but I’m sure I’m running up
Swimming pool

Now it’s a long up, many walking, puffing catching breath
Tired legs, slippy mud, no cows or sheep
Back on the hard path, still too steep to run
Massive oaks, Lanhydrock red gates
Cattle grid, smiling marshal, high fives
Thank you marshal

The final climb, knackered, god I’m hot!
Penultimate corner whoop whoop it’s down hill from now
Striding out, running fast, oops mind the cow pats!
Final corner, finish in sight, cheering, shouting, panting
PB or not to be that is the question

Thank you parkrun