Catch up of August Activities

Well done to Claire Barlow for completing Bys Vyken Events’ The Goat, a virtual challenge with over 37,000 feet of elevation. Claire completed the challange in less than a month and managed to fit in a 28 mile solo run in preparation for her 50k River Exe ultra.

Membership Fees

Good afternoon lovely BRR members, yesterday we had our first (outdoor) committee meeting since lockdown , we thought we should have a chat about the club in the strange and wonderful times. Fran will be posting a catch up later in the week in the form of his “not the 9 o’clock news” but we need keep you all updated about membership fees. Originally membership fees should have been paid in March to start the 1st April 2020 until 31st March 2021, with all the upheaval of the last few months we were all happy to let this run over for a few months while many were furloughed and times were uncertain. Now we are up and running with regular groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays although of restricted numbers we need to ask that everyone wishing to remain a member of the club pays their outstanding membership fees by the 20th September, that’s 2 weeks from today, after that we will assume you no longer wish to rejoin and will remove you from the closed Facebook group. To be fair to those members who paid earlier in the year we ask that everyone pays the full years fee and we will look at a discounted membership fee next year for the months where the club could not meet. Full membership fee is £36 for single runner who wishes to be affiliated, £62 for a couple. Second claim runners and non-competitive are £23. Please contact Rebecca Bateman if you need our account details (these have not changed). If anyone would like to rejoin but needs more time to pay please contact me (Becky) privately. Many thanks for your support over the last few months of the club, as guideline change we will keep you updated. Take care of yourselves

The committee