Not a Parkrun, Parkrun

A group of hardened runners took on the Lanhydrock parkrun this morning. Katie turned up early and got a head start, Lesley Was the RD and ensured all health and safety was adhered to and started the run but bravely said “leave me behind I’ll fend for myself”. Damian went off like a rocket down the hill and I had to work hard to match him , we were on for a PB (in my head!) and then a farmer rang my phone for a highly inconvenient chat about a cow with a sore foot just by Mary’s corner! Damian picked up the pace and shouted he could see Katie across the field (he couldn’t, but it made me kick in!) we got to the finish line which was accurately marked by Katie and congratulated our selves on our fastest park run time in August. I just hope Lesley got back safe

Run Report by Phil