Since the risk level in the UK has lowered and given the recent news of local outbreaks occurring in the UK and parts of Europe we felt it was important for the welfare of our members and families to be open and support each other. It is Important that our families and members take the spread of the virus seriously and we do all we can to prevent it spreading further and putting others at risk. With regards to club activities, we see no reason to expand the current group maximum of six for any club sessions at the moment. BRR is a relatively small club and even before covid19 groups of more than six other than Tuesdays sessions were rare and taking into consideration the way the individual groups generally split up, we believe the group of six or less is much easier to manage in keeping us safe.We believe we have enough leaders to manage this safely. So if you are in need of run and are not already in a group please make yourself known and we will do our best to accommodate you.If any arranged group gets a cancellation/drop out please advertise this on the BRR Facebook page. We strongly advise you all to follow general guidance and that you do not come to sessions if you have any flu or virus symptoms as detailed in the link above. Leaders will need to keep a record of who they take out in case we have to supply information to the authorities for track and trace purposes.Additionally should a runner get hurt whilst running or training and require medical attention it is important that we retain our social distancing and reduce the risk of any possible infection therefore if one person of the group can look after, maintain or treat the injured individual that’s what we must do. If the individual requires hospital, MIU, ambulance or any such actions we must follow any instructions given by the medical people.Please also avoid personal contact and keep to the recommended distances. Please remember that Covid19 is an airborne virus and to refrain from spitting, sneezing, blowing nose etc.On the rare occasions that we use an indoor facility please be aware and follow any guidance issued by any of the facilities we use.It’s a lot to take in but don’t worry. Be safe. Be careful. Look after yourselves and each other.Please check the following pages for the latest updates:English Athletics guidance: country status

Fran Vosper (Chairman)