Summit!!! We’re virtually the highest people in the UK right now. I mean in terms of ascent, I’ve told you before not to smoke the wacky backy on the minbus! What a view though back across the scree and away over Loch Linnhe…

Anyway, really amazing effort team, that was a beast. I just about managed to drag myself up this one but felt every foot of climbing and had to extend the cutoff so I didn’t get left behind (organiser’s privilege)! 10 summiteers this week and one ‘nearly there’. If you will carry that piano around with you Ian, climbing Ben Nevis was always going to be a toughie! Great effort though. 300ft to go! We could have all come and carried you the last bit to the top, cool runnings style!

Marty Barnfield is once again King of the Mountain, geddon! You win a deep fried kebab that I found round the back of Spar on Fort William High Street. Claire Barlow is again literally on the top spot. Amazing job, you win a private gig with Susan Boyle playing the bagpipes. I think she’s got about 10 hours of material to play…

Really amazing job everyone, it’s been great running the virtual hills with you. Super impressed how above and beyond you’ve all gone. That’s it for the hill challenge for a wee while so pour yourself a dram and rest the legs now, especially you Rebecca Bateman, sorry to hear about your knee!

Scores on the doors. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone off the list.

Marty Barnfield 6735ft

Claire Barlow 6470

Anthony Boardman 6080

Gemma Vare 5825

Lesley Taphouse 5791

Jane Stedman 5538

Julie Oxenham 4951

Tom Sparkes 4506

Becky Bateman 4490

Michael Reed 4457

Ian Ringer 4127

We should definitely do a trip like this in real life. I’m happy to volunteer for the organising committee! (Tom Sparkes)