Vintage photos of first man to break a 4-minute mile -

“The medley relay is for some tactical racing fun and to have a laugh! The main event is the tactical trophy so each event counts. Points allocated depending on your finishing place (1 point for quickest time, 2 points for 2nd quickest time) for the event and the winning team then has the lowest Overall score. This way you can’t win by just putting your fastest runner out on the half marathon while the rest of the team socially distance on a park bench with a drink!! Remember stay alert and only run when it’s safe ” (Phil Dawber)

The teams:

1: Jane Stephens. Stephen Woodard. Dan Cox. Nicky Brenton.

2: Chris Madeley. Martin Pipet. Kerri Rowe. Claire Barlow.

3: Julie Oxenham. Andy Vosper. Katrina Verran. Phil Dawber.

4: Dee Smith. Marty Barnfield. Helen Stevenson. Ritchie Richardson.

5: Rebecca Bateman. Lisa Hawke. Vicki Sparkes. Martin Morgan.

6: Jules Atherton. Jane Stedman. John Tilley. Tom Sparkes.

7: Sean Taylor. Damian Philp. Lesley Taphouse. Gemma Vare.

8: Ian Ringer. Andrew Ross. Julie Hewitt. Craig Welch.

The Medley relay took place between 8am and 8pm on Sunday 17th May. Teams of 4, with one runner from each team running either 1 mile, 5k, 10k or a half marathon). Competing for 2 virtual trophies. One for the lowest combined time of all events, but the more prized award was the “tactical trophy”.

There was a lot of excitement on the day with the first time a 1 mile blast and in under 6 minutes!! CCTV footage was checked for the use of roller skates!

As the runners posted some fantastic times, it became clear that there were some fantastic runs with personal bests being smashed. Phil gave a live update at 3.30pm with final score football style at 8pm. Gripping stuff

Scores on the doors as follows:-

1 mile

1pt Dan Cox 5:29

2pt Tom Sparkes 5:38

3pt Damian Philp 5:55

4pt Martin Pipet 6:12 PB

5pt Katrina Verran 7:22 PB

6pt Lisa Hawke 8:10 PB

7pt Craig Welch 8:12 PB

8pt Ritchie Richardson 8:19

1pt Andy Vosper 21:47 PB

2pt Vicki Sparkes 22:10

3pt Claire Barlow 24:49 PB

4pt Sean Taylor 26:15 PB

5pt Stephen Woodard 26:45 (socially isolating on a treadmill)

6pt Dee Smith 28:06

7pt Julie Hewitt 28:40

8pt Jules Atherton 32:40


1pt Phil Dawber 38:11

2pt Chris Madeley 44:57

3pt Andrew Ross 46:49

4pt Rebecca Bateman 51:59

5pt Nicky Brenton 56:22

6pt Helen Stephenson 56:24

7pt John Tilley 63:15

8pt Lesley Taphouse 67:36

Half Marathon

1pt Marty Barnfield 1:43:48

2pt Kerri Rowe 1:51:09

3pt Jane Stedman 1:51:51

4pt Martin Morgan 1:54:33

5pt Julie Oxenham 2:00:49 PB

6pt Gemma Vare 2:04:31

7pt Jane Stephens 2:04:40

8pt Ian Ringer 2:49

Tactical Trophy / Team Points

Team 8 25

Team 7 21 joint 6th place

Team 4 21 joint 6th place

Team 6 20

Team 1 18

Team 5 16 3rd

Team 3 12 2nd

Team 2 11 1st

Team Times

Team 8 4:08:41

Team 7 3:44:17

Team 6 3:33:24

Team 1 3:33:16

Team 5 3:16:52

Team 4 3:16:37 3rd

Team 3 3:08:11 2nd

Team 2 3:07:07 1st