Highlight of the week has been the culmination of the 3 Peaks Challenge

Not the London Marathon

Julie Oxenham “today I should have been running the London marathon, so to mark the occasion I do “not the London marathon “ and cycled the distance with hubby instead. “

Claire Barlow devised a beautiful Bodmin Marathon

Mike Reed and Rachael Wilsher both ran ‘the not doing the Madrid Marathon run’ on Sun (postponed to Nov). So 20m Sat & 6m Sun, mainly off road & well leafy, great crack no one about on 7m of St.s Way! 🥵👍


Martin Pipet has run everyday including another notaparkrunparkrun and 5k for £5 NHS run

From Jane Stephens, another notaparkrunparkrun then home via the solar farm!

Laps on Lockdown saw Daniel Cox, Dee Smith, Katrina Verran, Lesley Taphouse and Julie Oxenham, bag some new medals. https://bysvykenevents.vpweb.co.uk/v-i-laps-on-lockdown

Louise Richardson spotted a zebra

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Andrew Ross won the Steve Allsop Trophy with his calf busting ” 7 times up Pound Lane and 8 times up Crinnicks! From College Rd “

Kerri Rowe ran 5k for the NHS run for heroes with Ellie. Tom & Casey on their bikes. 👍

Jacky Tyler finished painting the bathroom and laying the floor tiles

Phil Dawber ran up a big hill

John Tilly has been jogging through the woods in Camelford

Craig Welch got musical on a walk!

Gail Hartil “Tried to do a marathon but ended up just doing 20miles. This was me going past my sister’s house at lanivet. It was great to see my niece and nephew. X Oh and stopped and sang happy birthday to some random little girl on her doorstep with her granny and watched her blow out her candles. 😁 “

For Ian Ringer “Today is day 40 of “run every day during lockdown”. (Some lockdown!)”

Jules Atherton has been doing yoga and gardening

Fran Vosper made a flowerpot man and then took us all on a virtual run

The Road to Nowhere by Fran Vosper

With the restrictions fully in place I thought the running bard would submit the run that never happened.

25 runners turned up and those that didn’t weren’t there.
Ians map was upside down or inside out
It made no difference
as we didn’t go to the coast or to the moors.
The weather didn’t happen,
a still nothing hung in the air.

Gail and Billy didn’t have hangovers
and did not run like banshees
towards the setting sun
for last orders

When we ran past Barnies
Fran treated us all to cake!
The pub next door served free beers
and England won the World Cup.

The afternoon didn’t see Phil or anybody else
lead us in search of Brown Willy
or Roughtor on top of boggy hills
and every pair of trainers stayed spotlessly clean
excepts for the grizzlies.

Martin didn’t lose his way
to a remote VW camper
serving hot teas, and coffee
Coloured pencils and charactures .

The two Karen’s yacked all the way
Zoe was unusually quiet and Jules had nothing to say
Andy V wasn’t late and even Alan didn’t come
Emma ran like the wind whilst Dee huffed and puffed

Dan went insane, and Kerri didn’t fall
Becky and Steph left their hats at home
And the Temples and Richardson’s
came back for more

we all missed the run
Andrew and Tom said it was the best run
they had never been on.

Stay safe people