The Grizzly Team got to put their pose to the test and ran, slipped and laughed their way to the finish line
from left Lesley Taphouse, Jules Atherton, Claire Barlow, Kerrie Parker, Dee Smith, Lisa Hawke, Julie Oxenham, Craig Welch, Katrina Verran, Fran Vosper and Dave Bidgway
Julie, Claire and Kerrie crossing the finish line
Katrina and Dave follow shortly afterward
Lisa, Fran, Leslie and Craig cross the line together

Dave and Julie Bidgway
Brought together by BRR, bonded together by the Grizzly! Lovely day at the seaside with this lot! Blood, sweat and almost some tears! 💙 ” (Craig)

Well done to Chris Madeley for completing the “insanely muddy” course in a very respectable 3:21:36

Thanks to Axe Valley Runners for organising a total mudfest. If you enjoy hills, mud, outstanding natural beauty, and a fantasticly well organised event, this is definitely one to add to the list

Photos by Julie, Katrina, Jules, Claire and Keith Hill

Race Report by Dee