Looe 10 Miler

Congratulations BRR Women on your Looe 10 Team Prize: Katie Skea, Rachel Wilsher, Gemma Vare, Julie Oxenham, Helen Stevenson and Claire Barlow. Rachel Wisher picked up a prize as well. Well done Mike Reed for managing to carry the bottles across a runner strewn car park.

Girl Power
Helen racing to the finish line with Julie and Rachel cheering her on

Hills did not disappoint. Thanks to Looe for organising a great event

BRRs Results :

Katie Skea 1:30:11 (Ladies Team Prize)

Rachel Wilsher 1:31:10 ( (Ladies Team Prize and 3rd in Age Category)

Mike Reed 1:35:12

Gemma Vare: 1:35:26 (Ladies Team Prize)

Marty Barnfield 1:35:33

Julie Oxenham 1:35:55 (Ladies Team Prize)

Helen Stevenson 1:41:22 (Ladies Team Prize)

Claire Barlow 1:43:40 (Ladies Team Prize)

Fran Vosper 1:47:59

Katrina Verran 1:50:59

Nicola Vosper 1:51:59

Nicola Sinclair 1:56:35 (longest face so far)

Lesley Taphouse 2:03:35 (smashed her PB)

Dee Smith 2:03:53

Craig Welch 2:17:12

Jules Atherton 2:17:42

BRRs taking on the Bodmin Half


Pre-mud Bodmin Road Runners

Gallery of BRRs feeling wet wet wet!

Thank you to Ian Temple and Paul Johnson for the above photos

PB Running, Lanhyrock Hotel and Golf for sponsoring this event

Lanhyrock National Trust for letting us use their beautiful grounds

Bodmin College for the use of the sports Hall

Lisa at D2C Signs, Wadebridge for the medals and Tee Shirts

Thanks to organisers, runners, , supporters, even Dennis, for a great event.

Arc of Attrition

Arc Heros Phil Dawber and Gail Hartill completing the 100
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo
Chris Madeley taking on the 50
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo
Chris Madeley and Jane Stephens, finish line
thanks to MudCrew and Bluekite Photography for the photo

Well done Phil, Gail and Chris, amazing, just amazing

Thank you to Emma Stephens, Katie Skea, Rebecca Bateman, MudCrew and Bluekite photography for the gallery photos.

Course Map

Newquay 10k

What a fantastic turnout from the club Р29! Brilliant. It was so good to see a sea of blue out there. Great to see Clive Ramsden again. He has moved to Newquay, so had only just got out of bed!

It was very warm and the overnight rain, fortunately, had dissipated. There was a significant amount of mud going up the lane and, just to add to the excitement, a number of horses came out of the farm causing some disturbance to the front runners.

It’s a difficult race to marshal with the road crossings, so well done to NRR for a well managed race. Very enjoyable.

Here are the club’s results:

Clive Ramsden: 40.11

(Jo Temple: 41.48)

Ian Temple:42.45 (3rd in his age-group)

Ben Crowle:42.58

Emma Stephens: 47.12

Andrew Vosper: 49.45

Alison Temple: 49.44

Tim Knab: 49.44

Jane Stedman: 49.49

Stephen Woodard: 50.52

Gemma Vare: 50.52

Clare McKee: 50.56

Marty Barnfield: 51.32 (first run as part of BRRs)

Helen Stephenson: 51.46

Julie Oxenham: 52.00

Claire Barlow: 53.47

Zoe Buse: 54.45

Katrina Verran: 55.30

Nic Vosper: 56.28

Ian Ringer: 56.44

Kerrie Parker: 56.55

Francis Vosper: 58.23

Nicola Sinclair: 1.02

Lesley Taphouse: 1.05.26

Sean Taylor: 1.06.07

Craig Welch: 1.06.29

Jules Atherton: 1.08.49

Dave Anderson: 1.12.37

Karen Sully: 1.13.22

Karen Anderson: 1.22.46

There were 788 finishers.

Race Report by Ian Ringer, photo by Andrew Ross

Runner of the Year, Nic Vosper – a year in races

Brown Willy Run 1.1.2019
with Lisa Jules Claire Gemma Craig Lesley Fran and Kerri
Half Marathon 3 Weston Super Mare 24.3.19 with Fran Rachael Claire and Mike
First full fat marathon This Woman Can, Sidmouth 26.5.19 with Kerri Helen Jane and Becky
Half Marathon 6 Jersey 9.6.19 with Fran
Half Marathon 7 Frome 21.7.19
Half Marathon 8 Indian Queens 4.8.19
Half Marathon 9 Truro 15.9.19 with Ian Fran Claire and Lesley
Cubert 5 29.9.19
Half Marathon 10 Eden 13.10.19 with Helen Zoe Fran Kerrie and Craig
Falmouth Mob Match 20.10.19
Tavy 7 27.10.19 with Nicky Julie Claire and Katrina
Cornish Marathon 3 Nov 2019
Half Marathon 11 Mother Shipton’s Shuffle, Knaresborough 10.11.19
Half Marathon 12 Lanzarote 7.12.19

Nic also found time to do a bit of Parkrun Tourism and run the Saints Way

Well done Nic we are so proud of you

photos mostly by Fran Vosper

BRRs Presentation Evening

Thanks to everyone involved for organising a great evening yesterday

The Coaches’ award went to Billy MacKellar
Awards read out by Fran Vosper (Chairman)
Rachael Wilsher received the award for Most Improved Female Runner
Wilson Trophy awarded to Dee Smith
Damian’s dance moves got a special mention
Nuttiest Runner Sabrina (Bea) Hicks
Runner of the Year Nic Vosper

We were all been impressed by Nic successfully completing her 12 half marathons in 12 months challenge, and managing to fit in a couple of “really hard” marathons as well. Well done Nic

Lesley Taphouse presented a special award to Ian and Becky in thanks for all their hard work as coaches. We hope to see Ian wearing his Head Coach Tee Shirt soon and no doubt Becky will be making good use of her whistle during Tuesday Training

Photos by Julie Oxenham and Ian ringer

Thanks to Bea and Barnicutts for hosting the event

Plym Trail Winter Weekend and Storm Force 10

A great weekend of running….

It was the Plym Trail Winter Weekend where Dan took 2nd place in yesterday’s Half Marathon.
Jane took on both Marathons, so after yesterday she definitely deserved her mocha-stop halfway and even managed to finish 2nd female!
Storm Force 10 was the order of the day for a bunch of our runners this morning. A crisp and frosty, start soon warmed up with everyone finishing with some great times!

Well done everyone!

Stormforce 2020 results

114. Damian Philp Male 35-39 1:12:25
154. Andrew Vosper Male 60-64 1:16:50
186. Emma Stephens Female 17-34 1:20:07
200. Rachael Wilsher Female 55-59 1:21:24
227. Jane Stephens Female 50-54 1:23:56 PB Running
270. Julie Oxenham Female 45-49 1:27:24
308. Mike Reed Male 50-54 1:29:45
310. Stefan Palmer Male 45-49 1:29:47
311. Rebecca Bateman Female 40-44 1:29:47
332. Claire Barlow Female 45-49 1:31:59
358. Ian Ringer Male 70-74 1:34:14
364. Katrina Verran Female 40-44 1:34:33
394. Nicola Vosper Female 60-64 1:37:51
404. Kerrie Parker Female 45-49 1:38:37
406. Francis Vosper Male 60-64 1:39:01
505. Craig Welch Male 35-39 1:51:32
510. Lesley Taphouse Female 55-59 1:53:10

Cardinham 5k and Dawlish ‘Oh My Obelisk’ half marathon

No easing into the new year for our runners!

A plucky group took on the Purple Gecko Events Winter Series 5k at Cardinham with a particularly hilly start!

Meanwhile, Claire took a trip up to Dawlish for the slightly muddy ‘Oh My Obelisk’ Half Marathon!

Anthony, Dee, Lesley, Katrina and Julie (photo by Craig Welch)
Jack handing out medals (photo by Craig Welch)
Claire running as her lucky number 13 for the sixth time (photo by Mark Barlow)
“They really need to change the name to Oh mud obstacle course!”¬† (photo by Claire Barlow)

Results Cardinham 5k solo

Anthony 24.54 5th

Julie Oxenham 28:20 22nd overall, 5th female

Katrina Verran 30:25

Dee Smith 34:38

Lesley 37:44