There was fine running at the Fordh Sen Mighal on Saturday. this goes from Lalant overland to Marazion. It’s organised by Bus Viken Events and, as always Dave and his team did us proud.

The weather was perfect and, for a change, it wasn’t too muddy. There is a lovely atmosphere at this event and this is the fourth staging. The highlight was seeing both coasts from Trencrom Hill, with Sir Keith Hill in his Crusader gear!

To reach the finish in under two hours is a great achievement. This is exactly what Anthony Boardman did. He finished in 1.56.25. Well done Antony.

Next in was Jane Stephens in 2.08.03.

Richie Richardson and Louise Richardson came in in 2.24.44 and 2.34.00. (Personally, I would have let my wife win, but there you are!!)

Claire Barlow, Rebecca Bateman, Rachel Wilsher, Michael Reed and Ian Ringer all ran together and, after much messing about all came in around 2.45.

It was a fabulous day out on this very special course. Hopefully it will continue.

Race Report and photos by Ian Ringer

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