Results: the 2019 Remembrance Run:As always, it was a very atmospheric event with all the red and the two minutes silence – lest we forget.The conditions were as benign as they could be; sunshine and low tide making the under-foot going easy. It could be years before a repeat of this!There was a lower turn-out this year, 344 runners (and 10 dogs). For BRR, 15 made the journey west. Top dogs for us were: Gail Hartill 2nd in A/G and 60th in 34.52: Damian Philp: first home in 39th in 33.13; and Andy Vosper**, 2nd** in A/G, 84th in 36.37. Big shout out to the ladies for getting 3rd Team.

Antony Boardman: 73rd in 36.12

Rachael Wilsher:122 in 38.49

Michael Reed: 124 in 40.01

Julie Oxenham: 143 in 41.37

Jane Stedman: 148 in 42.14

Jane Stephens: 152 42.32

John Tilley: 158 in 42.48

Clare Barlow: 161 in 43.08

Katrina Verran: 178 in 44.50

Kerry Parker: 182 in 45.14

Dee Smith: 204 in 47.03

Nicola Sinclair: 225 in 49.17

John Stedman 285 in 57.52

Lord of the Rings: 218 in 47.54

Very well done to everybody. Mob Match next then Race for Wildlife.

Race Report by Ian Ringer, photos by Ian Ringer and Julie Oxenham

Cold hands, warm heart, eh Ian?