Here are the final Grand Prix Tables for the year. Listed are those top guns who have done at least 8 races:

Rachael Wilsher: 3840 Open points and 2nd in her Age Group with 1593 points. 9 races

Claire Barlow: 3609 Open points 10th in her Age Group with 1515 points. 11 races

Lesley Taphouse: 3141 Open points and 7th in her Age Group. 12 races.

Ian Ringer: 3017 Open points and 3rd in his Age Group.12 races.

So Rachael wins it with the highest score. Well done Rachael. A few stats: BRR’s average race entry is 11/race. The biggest was Cubert and Trevornick with 20. The female team finished 15th of 17, The male team: 12th of 18.

Report by Ian Ringer