It was the inaugural Purple Geko event too yesterday. This is the route from Padstow to Fowey, followed by Christian monks and saints. Its 28ish miles and takes in the sights of St. Breock Downs, Helman Tor and the depths of Golant. As with all ultras, its not for the faint hearted.

There were 153 finishers with Ollie Jones from ECH and Vicki Burden finishing first in 4.10.

For BRR:

Martin Pipet: 5.51

Jane Stedman, Kerri Rowe and

Helen Stevenson in her first ultra all finished in 6.30.

Zoe MiRoro Z Bude finished and refreshed immediately with a pint of Ratler in 6.32

And finally; Daron Walker, who also has never run that distance came in in 7.08.

Well done all.

PS. It was exhausting watching!

Race Report by Ian Ringer