Truro Half Marathon 15.9.19

TRURO HALF MARATHON was supposed to be cloudy and cooler than yesterday – it wasn’t! The sun came out at the start, and went in at the finish. Thanks world.

This is a hilly course with bits of off-road. The bridge, which was washed away two years ago has still not been repaired. This means that the “little loop” where you pass runners going the other way, was still in place. Otherwise the course is the same as before.

We had some quick men today: Stephen, Antony and Tim – all in under the two hours. Well done chaps.

Here are the results:

Tim Knab: 1.52.52/1.53.14 (Chip/Gun)

Stephen Woodard: 1.54.22/1.54.43

Antony Boardman: 157.21/1.57.37

Claire Barlow: 2.11.49/2.12.02

Fran Vosper: 2.13.07/2.13.22

Ian Ringer: 2.18.04/2.18.12. Ian’s was a rubbish race but he did win a nice bottle of Merlot to compensate.

Nic Vosper: 2.18.36/2.18.50

Lesley Taphouse: 2.44.43/2.45/02

Very well done all.

That’s round 13 of the GP done. Cubert 5 next.

Race Report by Ian Ringer 15.9.19