This race has been going for many years and is part of the Saltash May Festival. It was hotly contested in previous years. The old start/finish was at the bottom of Fore St and it made for a great spectacle with plenty of spectators lining the road. Now however, the race is run from the football club at the top of the town which detracts for the atmosphere. Also, the course is different with the first couple of miles around housing estates (familiar to those who do the Mag 7). The race only gets going on reaching Forder at 3.5 miles. Unfortunately, here there is a BIG hill and many were down to a walking pace. From here it’s up and down with a climb out of Forder once more on the return leg. The weather was dreadful – very wet throughout and breezy in places. This made for unpleasant running and I for one just wanted to “get it over with” – not a good attitude!

There is a loop at Trematon so those of us not-so-quick people saw the lead runners coming back. Their pace was to be dreamed of. The winner, Steve Osborne, finished in 1.16.58, which is a very good time considering the hills. The lead lady was Debbie Starkey from St. Austell RC. She finished in 1.34.27. Astonishingly, the second Lady was Jenny Mills from Launceston who came in in 1.42.18. Jenny is over 60!

The BRR star today was Rachael Wilsher who, agonisingly came home a few second over the two hours in 2.00.19. I saw at the end of the Trematon loop, looking strong and running well. Rachael said that she expected me to catch her – no chance! Rachael was third in her age group. Well done Rachael.

I had a very unsatisfying run. Wore the wrong clothes and was cold in the rain. Had two pit stops, an abdominal pain and moaned to myself all the way around. Bad attitude! I finished in the perambulate time of 2.06.38. However, I was second in my age group (out of 7 in case you are wondering). So, a bit of a compensation but a race to forget.

There were 134 runners and praise must go to the marshals and other helpers for standing out in the rain. Thanks Tamar Trotters.