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Bodmin Way 20.10.19

Fab route today: two thirds of the BODMIN Way. Great running, great people. "Great mornings run folks, thanks for the route Ian & Rebecca & company, loved the sunshine & mist, views!" "Cracking run and route" "Definitely

Great South Run round up:

Ben Crowle 1:15:32 Gail Hartill 1:15:55 Katie Skea 1:15:55 Emma Stephens 1:15:57 Billy Mack 1:17:20 Jane Stephens 1:25:44 Calvin Mudd 1:25:34 (and 4th in yesterday’s canine run!) MiRoro Z Buse 1:33:57 Lesley Taphouse 1:45:29 Craig Welch

Eden Marathon and Half Marathon 2019

Wow what a great day out at Eden’s Half Marathon on Sunday. Lashing rain as we queued waiting for the gunshot and we’re off. 13 miles of wet lanes, very muddy footpaths, squelching sodden feet attached to aching legs and tormented bodies.

Race Diary 2020

Hopefully, this is the final version (4) of the 2020 Race Diary. Race-Diary-2020-4th-editionDownload Now, here's a challenge: Who will do the most races of both the GP AND MTRS in 2020? There will be a MASSIVE prize for the


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