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Corunner Virus: the saga continues

Thanks to Jane Stedman for the photo Second week of lockdown and BRRS are still managing to train and find virtual races to run. Phil Dawber kicked off the first live socially isolating Tuesday Training with a “Gentle” 30 minute strength

Pandemic Round Up

“Run for your mind not your body” (Jane Stephens) Thanks to Jane Stedman for sharing photos of her daily moorland walks Bodmin Road Runners are keeping up their fitness levels and running mojos in some inventive and crazy

Claire Barlow sets BRRs a tough challenge

"This morning I ran 57 laps of my garden. I think it would be great to see some really crazy runs in small spaces being recorded. 😁BRR keeping fit and social isolating" Claire was assisted by her son Corey as Marshall and chief lap counter.


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